Tuesday, July 9, 2019


  • Just occurred to me this is the first year I can say this: I have been married to Earthgirl more than half of my life


  1. 1)congratulations

    it is unlikely that i will ever reach such a milestone with missus charley - there is some chance missus charley might mark that milestone with me

    2)and speaking of unusual and talented women born on distant islands - bjork is one, tulsi gabbard is another - now that i know of representative gabbard's close involvement with the Science of Identity Foundation, i am no longer supportive of her presidential ambitions - not so much because of her religious beliefs and practices, but because of my distaste for her guru

    as kerry howley asks in a profile titled 'tulsi gabbard had a very strange childhood' -

    How far does our commitment to religious diversity extend? Is it weirder to follow the dictates of a surfer guru who believes the moon landing was a hoax than to claim, as does Evangelical Mike Pence, that the establishment of Israel represents biblical prophecy? Georgia representative Jody Hice believes you can predict major political events through a succession of “blood moons.” A recent member of Congress claims pregnancy by “legitimate rape” is impossible. Because he believes bee pollen cured his allergies, former Iowa senator Tom Harkin has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars failing to prove the legitimacy of various alternative medicines, pollen among them.

    in fairness to tom harkin, expenditures by the national center for complementary and integrative health have not been under his personal control - normal legislative and budgetary mechanisms have been used - interdependent co-arising, one could call it

  2. Congrats to both of you, all of you, I guess including Planet, who probably played a part in making the journey worth the while. And then there's the creatures, whose count I've failed to note. At any and all rates, you are doing something magnificent that makes you a far better human than I - not that I am slagging myself off. < Sorry.

    I care less about Gabbard's guru than her inability to be honest about the evolution of her position on torture. Also, as laudable as anti-interventionism in the context of neverending US adventurist policies, her whole shtick is placed upon the "but sometimes you gotta go get the badguys" backdrop that is pretty status quo amongst frontrunners. Also, is it just me or does cadence and sonic tone of her speech come off as remarkably Hillarian?