Tuesday, July 2, 2019


Landru's surprise cameo in yesterday's lifetimeline - he can vouch, no pies for Planet - sent me happily sideways, I took this photo and turned it upside-down the night before yesterday and posted it yesterday at other place (where you can see last night's non-revisable poem below bigger if you don't want to bigger here (though you won't read either)), Serendipity Be Blessed, I got Doctor Sevrin ears


  1. Serendipity be weird, yo. Yes, no pies for anyone. But the corn was fine.

  2. speaking of illegal plastic straws, as you do in your non-revisable poem which no one has read, reminds me of singapore's ban on chewing gum - prohibited because of the mess made when people spit it out

    and speaking of unread authors - e.g. rudyard kipling, these days - and singapore

    in 1891, two years after Kipling’s visit to Singapore, he married Carrie Balestier, whose grand uncle (her grandfather’s brother), Joseph Balestier, had served as the United States’ first consul to Singapore from 1837 to 1852

    it was because of his wife that kipling moved to vermont


    see also, in your own blogroll as i type these words