Saturday, August 10, 2019

A New Embroidery of Flowers, Canary Color

  • Went looking for something here for a post I decided not to write, reminded I used to do a Theme Song of the Month, did it for years, didn't deliberately stop, just stopped without thinking about it
  • Not dark but damnless, this is new, utterfucklessness


Marie Ponset

A new embroidery of flowers, canary color,
                        dots the grass already dotty
                        with aster-white and clover.

I warn, “They won’t last, out of water.”
The children pick some anyway.

In or out of  water
children don’t last either.

I watch them as they pick.
Still free of  what’s next
            and what was yesterday
they pick today.

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  1. 0)those are good looking cats

    1)"he had help" - this seems likely - missus charley suggests "the institute", as the usual name of one organization translates into

    2)and speaking of international issues and terminology - i learned this morning that in several english speaking countries "soccer" and "football" refer to two distinct sports - although the term "soccer" originated in england, as the sport did, not in some other country as some erroneously assume


    The Known World

    how can something known
    become unknown
    in so little time

    shalan joudry