Sunday, August 11, 2019

The Crime-Rate in Our Land Is So Great That I Could Commit *Murder A* Confident That Simultaneously Someone Unknown to Me Would Nearby Be Committing *Murder B*

  • As I do with bouts of damnlessness I stayed out of tablets yesterday
  • As I suspected with fucked-up me utterfucklessness tries to cure itself with impotent fury at all I can't change, but at least we got to the woods yesterday
  • Combine August is the deadest month of Blog Days of Summer with new utterfucklessness & I am completely unable to ignore compulsion to post
  • Earthgirl is sleeping Sunday morning as I type this I left my phone in our bedroom so the photo below isn't from yesterday's hike but last Sunday's, utterfucklessness abounds


Bill Knott

The crime-rate in our land is so great that
I could commit Murder A confident that
Simultaneously someone unknown to me
Would nearby be committing Murder B.

My plan's to confess to Murder B which should
Cover up my guilt for A because if
I was busy perpetrating B how could
I have done A. The identical times of

The crimes and my evidentiary shame
Convince the law of that. The subsequent
Trial verdict shall hoistpetard my scheme
Girding me with the gloat I'm innocent

Of that which I stand condemned: I die
Endowed in the knowledge my sentence
Is wrong, thereby maintaining to the end
That moral superiority, that perfect high

Which is the cause of most crimes if not mine.


  1. 0)that's a good-looking goldenrod

    1)the napping article linked to is eye-opening [wink, wink]

    2)the jepster's [thanks, davidly] exit indicates we really do live in a jason bourne movie

    3)my newest dream of taking off to the great white north - it's a beauty way to go - has reduced my interest in the cable news channels, and much diminished the attraction of the idea of asbury methodist village as a future abode for missus charley and self in the fourth stage of our adult life

    3a)those stages being, according to an epidemiologist i heard talking about it in the previous millennium -

    i)young adult
    ii)still young
    iii)not so young
    iv)you look wonderful

  2. speaking of killing, as today's title from knott's poem does -