Thursday, August 15, 2019

An Ancient Woodland Indicator Called *Dark Dog's Mercury*

  • Third day below, at least four more days, won't know until I abandon how many more days how many washes in total
  • Didn't notice the new sub-tag, did you
  • I am rereading the whale-killing novel, one chapter a day, the only fiction I can right now, the fuck is wrong with me
  • I think I rid the utter from fucklessness for now using the only two self-fooling tricks I know
  • they don't work on fucklessness though I'll keep trying


Forrest Gander

As grains sort inside a schist

An ancient woodland indicator called dark dog's mercury

River like liquid shale

And white-tipped black lizard-turds on the blue wall

For a loss that every other loss fits inside

Picking at a mole until it bleeds

As the day heaves forward on faked determinations

If it's not all juxtaposition, she asked, what is the binding agent?

Creepy always to want to pin words on "the emotional experience"

Azure hoplia cockchafer, the caddis worm, the bee-louse, Blister beetle, assassin bug

The recriminations swarm around sunset

When it was otherwise quiet all the way around

You who were given a life, what did you make of it?

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  1. 0)i didn't notice the new sub-tag, but now that you've pointed it out i like it

    1)Azure hoplia cockchafer

    Hoplia coerulea, a species of scarabaeid beetle belonging to the subfamily Melolonthinae. This beetle can be found in Southwest Europe. Males are bright blue, females are brownish

    for photo see