Friday, August 16, 2019

That Groovelessness of Space

  • I have litbloggers who are on this shitty blog's blogrolls and whose owners read this shitty blog but don't list this shitty blog on their blogrolls, I get it, this blog isn't a litblog, it sucks, it says *fuck* a lot
  • but - and I'm certain I had nothing to do with it - I never had a blog I linked to go dark within an hour of my linking to the latest post, a decent bleggalgaze, until yesterday
  • laugh, I lost the utter from utterfucklessness on Wednesday, I lost the less from fucklessness last night
  • thanks to that blogger, I'm happy with Friday fuckness
  • Good news! this (full-size here) will be last post of current project until at least Monday as I don't have access to a good scanner until then and I'm not so relentlessly vain as to drive to the Library on a day off to scan and post.


Todd Hearon

We've packed our bags, we're set to fly
no one knows where, the maps won't do.
We're crossing the ocean's nihilistic blue
with an unborn infant's opal eye.

It has the clarity of earth and sky
seen from a spacecraft, once removed,
as through an amniotic lens, that groove-
lessness of space, the last star by.

We have set out to live and die
into the interstices of a new
nowhere to be or be returning to

(a little like an infant's airborne cry).
We've set our sights on nothing left to lose
and made of loss itself a lullaby.

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  1. 1)i have several unread books - more than three, less than ten thousand

    more than once i have read a book i've had on hand for two or three decades

    each time a book is bought it contributes to the ecology of publishing, whether or not it gets read

    if i move from my current abode a majority of my books will be separated from me

    as all of them will be, eventually, whether or not i personally am the decision maker

    in my life, i've loved them all

    [or at least, felt a momentary attraction to them]

    2)after reading about the disappearing blog, i tried and failed to find the text of robert minto's comments on bunyan's pilgrim's progress, and as a substitute downloaded a review of neibuhr's writings

    both bunyan and niebuhr are in the library of partially read books here - more than a paragraph, less than ten percent of the whole book

    3)i wonder if people would buy coffee mugs or place mats inscribed with


    help us to be truly grateful for all we have received,

    and to live with awareness and with love