Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Butterknife and Sixty and Wisdom Teeth

  • Fifth update, you'll need wait to see what the Danes possess
  • 60th birthday poem appeared in beige tablet last night, finished now, can I wait a week?
  • Yes, self-published, but first published poem, self or otherwise, w Trump/Greenland allusion, no one, ten years from now when no one is reading it, including me, will get the allusion from our cages for Trump dissenters on the north coast of Greenland


  1. Danish Queen Margrethe II is 'surprised' by Trump's decision to CANCEL his state visit after the PM said it was 'absurd' to sell Greenland to the US as her predecessor says cancellation of Trump's planned state visit is 'deeply insulting' - Daily Mail

    the fact is that denmark is a small and relatively unimportant country

  2. We Augustians are august in our augustiness.

  3. Seriously? Why, you're old enough to be my brother! May the day, should it have passed, have been a (as they say in German) lucky one, and at any rate by all means, may it have been, or be, or being, happy.