Monday, September 16, 2019

Fiercely Phlegm

  • Well, that's been a while I fucked up a birthday, off by a month, fuck me, I can't just remove and leave a blank, Egoslavian regulations
  • Meantime, yesterday, beloved Potomac just below Harpers Ferry for something I not only can't tell you about unlike most times I don't want to, click yo, and there's another one here (this one shot by Earthgirl)
  • plus, as promised, another poem from Shaughnessy's *The Octopus Museum*

1 comment:

  1. usually i read the poems here

    this one seems smutty to me - you may have heard the joke about a particular projective psychological test which ends 'you're the one with all the dirty pictures'

    i was struck by the phrase 'mahogany cider' which i do not recall encountering before although google finds it 1210 times


    as the title of a piano piece played by amy lauren: