Wednesday, September 18, 2019

[use music? in algorithm? to soothe the news?]

  • The watercolor teacher uses Lamy Safari fountain pens and so do I thanks to SeatSix, we laughed, SeatSix and me
  • The watercolor teacher now well aware I'm not there to learn how to paint a bush and more aware I couldn't paint a bush if I was unaware I can't paint a bush if I tried
  • The watercolor teacher taught me how to make an excellent gray out of yellow red and blue
  • The watercolor teacher loves the water solubility of fountain pen ink and the brilliant line safaris cut, this I did not expect, nor him me, we debated optimum nib-size

  • Made me laugh
  • Never'd safaried on cold-pressed watercolor paper, bleed better
  • First thought grid in charcoal, stripe in ink, wash in paint scrawl in ink
  • Second thought wash in paint stripe in ink grid in charcoal scrawl in ink
  • Better-enough, Beloveds, buy us dinner
  • Earthgirl and I start yoga tonight, this is true
  • Hey! thanks to Jim forzalerting me to new 


Brenda Shaughnessy

Individual Octopodes don't live long (between six months and two years) but as a species we have extensive, meshed, intergenerational memories. Humans live longer but each generation forgets what was previously learned.

[insert some simple way - ordinary data, culture-talk - of saying the multiple
meanings here]

[use music? in algorithm? to soothe the news?]

You had your time you took your time after time you had your cake by the ocean and ate it too but now the tide has turned the times tables too when it's time to change you've got to rearrange #timesup and for old times' sake we will remember you in our time. That time is now. How soon is now. The moon is how we know.


  1. 1)blckdgrd - you've said you're not science fictional but clearly shaughnessy is - i wonder if your perceptual possibilities are expanding?

    as rumi wrote 'New organs of perception come into being as a result of necessity. Therefore, O man, increase your necessity, so that you may increase your perception.'*

    2)in the quote from shaughnessy that you have put here the fourth 'you' appears - more plausibly - as 'your' elsewhere - perhaps you will correct this apparent typo? see

    *you could look at

  2. Been doing some form of yoga since college days. The key is not to overstretch, though it's easy to do—especially in hot yoga. Mine is self-taught, adapted from books mostly. Never taken a group thing. It is integral to all my warm-ups. I do feel flexible in good, limber ways. There are degrees of yoga "purity". I try not to allow myself to get sucked into that whole ethos. Good luck, and hope the person in front of you doesn't fart in your face.

    P.S. FYI There is such a thing as the flatulence asana.

    1. mistah charley, ph.d.September 18, 2019 at 4:35 PM

      in grad school i went to a yoga class - this was in buffalo but the volunteer instructor was a kind british middle-aged woman - at least once per class she would say 'better out than in'