Sunday, September 8, 2019

I Am Going to Take My Last Nourishment of Measure from a Dark Blue Ripple

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James Wright

When I was a boy, a relative
Asked for me a job
At the Weeks Cemetery.
Think of all I could
Have raised that summer,
That money, and me
Living at home,
Fattening and getting
Ready to live my life
Out on my knees, humming,
Kneading up docks
And sumac from
Those flawless clerks-at-court, those beautiful
Grocers and judges, the polished
Dead of whom we make
So much.

I could have stayed there with them.
Cheap, too.
Imagine, never
To have turned
Wholly away from the classic
Cold, the hill, so laid
Out, measure by seemly measure clipped
And mown by old man Albright
The sexton. That would have been a hell of
A way to make a living.

Thank you, no.
I am going to take my last nourishment
Of measure from a dark blue
Ripple on swell on ripple that makes
Its own garlands.
My dead are the secret wine jars
Of Tyrian commercial travelers.
Their happiness is a lost beginning, their graves
Drift in and out of the Mediterranean.

One of these days
The immortals, clinging to a beam of sunlight
Under water, delighted by delicate crustaceans,
Will dance up thirty-foot walls of radiance,
And waken,
The sea shining on their shoulders, the fresh
Wine in their arms. Their ships have drifted away.
They are stars and snowflakes floating down
Into your hands, love.

1 comment:

  1. 1)steppling's essay 'the cannibal in the dumpster' referred to the tv commercial depicting the loneliness of the maytag repairman - played by actor jesse white

    it was a role white played in a don knotts film 'the reluctant astronaut' that led to his maytag commercial career

    white's birth name is given by the washpost as jesse marc weidenfeld - other sources say jonah marcus weidenfeld

    one of his children became a recurring character on the tv show 'laverne and shirley'

    2)missus charley and i have no children - who knows if it's good or bad? - but it does put a greater burden of proof on me with regard to convincing canadian immigration officials that our marriage is not a sham when i am applying to sponsor her for permanent residency - assuming i receive my certificate of citizenship, which has not yet happened

    2a)and speaking of residency in canada - 15 years ago i wrote on my currently inactive namesake blogspot blog

    Someone at the Nova Scotia Archives told a cousin of mine once, "We're all related - even the Chinese."

    missus charley got her results back yesterday, and while the western hemisphere results were a bit heavier than expected (combining 'andean' and 'general north, central and south american indian' results, over 50%) the real surprise was 11% chinese

    it reminded us of a real life incident, several years ago - spouse and self went to a chinese restaurant in montgomery county with an asian couple - the table settings were fork, knife, and spoon - the other couple asked for chopsticks, and 3 sets were brought - for them and for missus charley - i didn't get a set - we laughed about it at the time

    my brother got a '23 and me' dna analysis a few months - as we thought, we are nearly completely nw european - 'british isles' and 'france and germany' - i was surprised that neither of these attributions was disaggregated any further - maybe does a finer grain breakdown