Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Double Hike Coup

Also too, John Martyn born 71 years ago today:

Arvo Part turns 84 today


Tom Clark

The smashed weirdness of the raving cadenzas of God
Takes over all of a sudden
In our time. It speaks through the voices of talk show moderators.

It tells us in a ringing anthem, like heavenly hosts uplifted,
That the rhapsody of the pastoral is out to lunch.
We can take it from there.

We can take it to Easy Street.
But when things get tough on Easy Street
What then? Is it time for realism?

And who are these guys on the bus
Who glide in golden hats past us
On their way to Kansas City?


  1. Most clever that title: Double Hike Coup, the haiku two. Only caveat, I think "I've" is two syllables, but I don't know nothing and should know better than to say it.

  2. 1)i also noticed the wordplay - my opinion about the syllable count of that particular contraction is different, but i am in favor of a frank and full exchange of views - no fisticuffs or spitting, please

    2)speaking of realism, as tom clark's poem does - see

    3)i have requested from my local public library Argall : a book of North American landscapes, said by someone to be the 'seven dreams' installment to start with - as a student of fourth grade virginia history in the 1950s, i look forward to broadening my perspective - then, i may move on to fathers and crows - through a combination of circumstances i happen to already have a copy of the latter, which i may well take along with me in a hoped-for return to the land of [some of] my ancestors

  3. I've humbly conceded that "I've" is one syllable, sort of, so no need for fists and saliva.