Tuesday, October 22, 2019

I Need Goddamn Rulers

  • The last three word tablets filled in the time current word tablet took to fill one-third (above
  • bigger at otherplace)
  • Summer's word onslaught considered
  • my calligraphy's worsening
  • I need goddamn rulers

  • and sillyass Star Trek allusions
  • Did you see it last night?
  • I am stupid for Destroyer

UPDATE! Blessed Serendipity, I shit you not, new Destroyer:

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  1. speaking of the need for rulers, an anarchist might disagree - and coincidentally enough, i have recently been notified that my actual name is cited in an Anarchist Studies paper - i presume it has to do with my pointing out, in a letter published in the Financial Times, a verse by a noted nineteenth-century author

    wikipedia states, of lewis carroll's Sylvie and Bruno

    "the story is set in Victorian Britain, with its characters discussing various concepts and aspects of religion, society, philosophy and morality."

    He thought he saw a Banker's Clerk
    Descending from the bus:
    He looked again, and found it was
    a Hippopotamus:
    "If this should stay to dine," he said,
    "There won't be much for us!"