Thursday, October 24, 2019

Sun Dogs Will Yap Soon

  • Delighted to listen to Charlie Slowes and Dave Jagelar, the best baseball pxp I've ever, call a World Series
  • Baseball radionly
  • Ghost texted me Wednesday morning, hey Nats, huh?
  • I could identify by photo Max Scherzer, Trae Turner, Tony Two-Bags, Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg, Sean Doolittle, Juan Soto, and Michael A Taylor but no once else from the Nats, I have listened to many innings this season not seen a single one

  • The old Flite Whint site in Borth Nethesda looks like a landfill next to the kept open for spite Tord & Laylors cause the sociopath overlords that own the Nationals and Tord & Laylors
  • A Houston Astros executive screams at female reporters he's happy the Astros signed a wife-beater and a major league umpire threatens to shoot me if Trump impeached and Atlanta Braves fans make like tomahawks while chanting racist trope and the Cleveland Indians' mascot makes my local helmetball team's mascot look dignified by comparison
  • I listen to radionly baseball for the same reason all but two posts a year here are tagged My Complicity and for the sad nostalgic comfort I listen to this Carole King song over and over

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  1. 0)i watched the james tate interview - from it i learned that he had a wife, who lived seven miles away - from wikipedia i learned her name and that she is also a writer

    1)the 'fake crackers' headline reminded me of how bush the elder professed a fondness for pork rinds

    2)the wikipedia article on the sun dog phenomenon includes a photo from fargo, north dakota

    3)because i am not conversant with my spouse's native language, i am unable to converse with my visiting sisters in law - to make up for this lack in my ability to be a proper host, we are serving them meat

    4)my kenmore water heater, purchased in 2009 with a 12-year warranty, has stopped working - someone is coming monday afternoon - today is thursday

    5)i was reading about the culadasa [john yates, ph.d.] scandal last night -

    q)how badly did he behave?
    a)compared to what?

    6)the phone just rang, even as i was typing this - the caller id claimed it was my medicare advantage plan calling - k_____ p_______ - but it was actually a robocall making false claims about credit cards - there ought to be a law against this sort of thing

    7)you never know when something surprising might happen, not necessarily to your advantage

    7.5)you have to be an above-average human to be a better friend than an average dog

    7.7)i think of my late cats with fondness - one place where my poem about one of them appears is