Friday, November 1, 2019

The Hidden Ball Trick Is Subterfuge, But So What?

  • November: anyone NaNoWriMo anymore or dead as stupidass blogs?
  • I am spending more time in orange drawing tablet than red writing tablet and more time with charcoal and pencil in orange tablet than ink and watercolor all of a sudden
  • not a coincidence sparked by the watercolor teacher's shit watercolors
  • Of course it's worse than we're told - climate
  • Our sociopath overlords monetizing the climate clusterfuck
  • Of course it's worse than we're told - privacy
  • Of course it's worse than we're told - digital privacy, he types into his motherfucking free blogging platform
  • My Deadspin hot take - our sociopath overlords didn't like writers reminding people sports are fun for guilty distraction but run by and for the shittiest people (our sociopath overlords) in the universe
  • UPDATE! Age of Unreason
  • Re: red writing tablet, I actually don't have that much I can't write about here to write about there, I can't turn this off like I do the radio in seventh inning jinx-wise, fuck me
  • UPDATE! Sleigh on Whitman (who I confess I never got)
  • Of course it's worse than I've confessed: the watercolor teacher's utter contempt for what I do (he does NOT see the tablets, I'm using a watercolor block (which I will NEVER use outside of that stupid yellow barn) and just practicing killing time) makes me smile in certainty his contempt would extend to what's in tablets
  • Poolesville? Have you ever been to Salisbury? Elkton?
  • The new Richard Dawson, go, hurry:

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  1. i have been to poolesville, several times, even eaten repeatedly at b_________ - my biggest complaint about the town is that i got a radar speed ticket there - in this it is not so unique

    between elkton and salisbury, i think i would pick salisbury to go to next - one web page asserts

    Known as ‘the Crossroads of Delmarva’, Salisbury is the biggest city on Maryland’s Eastern Shore and features a varied, vibrant dining scene fit for any self-respecting foodie. We’ve lined up some of the city’s very best food, from traditional Irish fare and modern brewpub eats to sushi and authentic Jamaican cuisine.

    on the other hand, elkton does have an ice cream shop with a cute name

    Sweet Cowoline's Ice Cream and Udder Things

    who was it that said, 'wherever you go, there you are' ?