Monday, January 27, 2020

At First, As You Lie in Bed in Your Motel Room or Mobile Home

We drove to the wonderful Virginia Museum of Fines Arts in Richmond yesterday to see an Edward Hopper (and others) exhibit on art of traveling in general and hotels in particular, here's an Earthgirl three-minute sketch of me (I was unaware at the time) with a Hopper hotel painting on the wall behind me:

  • I like how she captured my claw perched to poke the digital device I am slave to
  • Lots of photos of the exhibit and especially VMFA's terrific collection of late 20th C/21st C art at @blckdgrd on twaater
  • The ethics of not supporting Sanders
  • Freak out time for motherfucking professional Democrats (Chris Matthews, who I had the chance to murder in the San Francisco airport in 2008, says Bernie wouldn't stop to help you if you were hit by a car)
  • Big story in today's NYT (no link, I don't subscribe), the standard whine that Sanders supporters are mean so Bernie disqualified
  • I am telling you three times internal polling has Sanders leading by more than being reported
  • Earthgirl has had her motherfucking Democrats apostasy, thank you, Hillary
  • Nomadland: RVing across America for minimum wage temp jobs
  • Meanwhile, our sociopath overlords
  • Meanwhile, our sociopath overlords
  • If you don't want Sanders to win Iowa by thirty you suck
  • Stuart Staples interview, I wish I liked the new Tindersticks more than I do, after a dozen listens, I blame me
  • What to say to motherfucking centrist Democrats who complain you're mean to them


Tom Clark

The coal trains go through all night long
with a racket like all of hell being unleashed as noise.
At first, as you lie in bed in your motel room or mobile home
it merely disrupts your sleep, your nervous system. Later you kill
        your dog and wife


  1. of the various gillette places mentioned in wikipedia

    tom clark probably refers to wyoming

    the ghost town in colorado is stated to be famous as the site of the only bullfight ever held in the united states

    i saw a film yesterday of an athletic competition requiring skill and bravery held in an outdoor arema in catalonia - not a bullfight, however - i was much impressed


      13 minutes long - from national geographic short film showcase

  2. Kudos to Earthgirl for the elegant construction and the living line. Equally ambivalent, btw, towards about 60% of Tindersticks... the only band I both sometimes love and sometimes reject as too precious

  3. You two and your progeny all make impressive pictures.

  4. I am thoroughly impressed by seeing their way of working. 57. holds a highly skilled staff.