Wednesday, January 29, 2020

As a Principle of Government in an Entropic Democracy Plausible Deniability Is Undeniably Plausible

  • I weary of typing out Motherfucking Professional Democrats
  • I asked for their freakout - and it's not close to a total freakout yet - but enough of a coordinated freakout so whatever result of Iowa if Bernie *doesn't* stomp (win by + 10) (much less finish not first) declare him DEAD
  • I asked for this freakout by Motherfucking Professional Democrats, it makes me madder than it amuses me, *that* pisses me off
  • M.F.P.D. Trademark. I.H.M.D lacked the f 


Tom Clark

As a principle of government
in an entropic democracy
plausible deniability
is undeniably plausible

therefore absolutely correct
and almost as good as
the ability to say what
you remembered to forget


  1. EARS

    Earless on purpose, though I've still got Dr Sevrin ears

    a)do you mean the immediately-preceding graphic is a self-portrait? it certainly has its points of interest

    b)i am experiencing semi-earlessness these days - that is to say, my world is much quieter as my middle ears are full of my vital fluids and various byproducts produced by multitudinous microorganisms, some of whom are presumably being affected by the antibiotic i've been taking for nearly a week

    b1)last year my two years younger brother went through something like this and now uses hearing aids

    b2)it's too soon to say how much of my own hearing will come back

    b3)i can still play the keyboard - i will wait until my upper respiratory infection completely resolves before attempting to sing

    b4)one of my pleasures in life recently has been my role as a practicing catholic in the choir of my local parish - have i already done this for this last time?

    b5)maybe i am being punished by an angry god for my hypocrisy - my willingness to say the words and go through the motions while i am in my heart of hearts a doubting thomas

    b6)i don't think so, however - i persist in my skepticism

    b7)here's a parable from the gospel of thomas - saying 8 - translation by doresse

    Then he says: "A man is like a skilled fisherman who cast his net into the sea. He brought it up out of the sea full of little fishes, and among them the skilled fisherman found one that was big and excellent. He threw all the little fishes back into the sea; without hesitating he chose the big fish. He who was ears to hear, let him hear!"

    i am reminded of how when lobsters are caught the small ones are legally required to be returned to the ocean - this is the law both in maine and in nova scotia

    i can only hear loud noises - not soft noises - this is parallel to big and little fish

    Funk cites Aesop as follows: "A fisherman drew in the net which he had cast a short time before and, as luck would have it, it was full of all kinds of delectable fish. But the little ones fled to the bottom of the net and slipped out through its many meshes, whereas the big ones were caught and lay stretched out in the boat. (Perry, 1965: 9-10)" (New Gospel Parallels, v. 2, p. 110)


    i wish you success with your acronym - among acronyms coined in the 21st century, my own creation is a rather small fish, despite including an f

    i refer to

    1. i just noticed the typo in the translation - obviously it should be he who HAS ears to ear

  2. What strikes me the most about the current shit-fit is just how stupid it sounds. I think these people actually believe their own bullshit. But then Americans are always scared of something, if there's nothing to scare them then they invent something scary out of whole cloth. Hey, it's a way of life.

    It seems clear that many people that voted Trump in 2016 would have voted for Bernie instead if he had gained the nomination. Who knows, maybe the so-called deep state won't have to put a cap in Trump's big fat ass after all.

    I'm really enjoying seeing the centrists dissolve into last week's pudding. The pop-eyed old lady who fervently told us Bernie couldn't win had me rolling on the floor. Great stuff. It may not be the stuff dreams are made of but great stuff all the same.

    Bolton looks like a cross between a weasel and a walrus, but he's all weasel.

    Mistah Charley, I hope your hearing does come all the way back.