Thursday, January 9, 2020

To Discuss Pro & Contra Here Is Mute

No, I didn't forget. First anger for anger's sake in five weeks, eight weeks? the video used forever of my favorite Bowie song (people can vouch) dead, I don't have the cover of Lodger, my favorite Bowie album (people can vouch) for Bowie's birthday (born 73 years ago yesterday) (there is a youtube of my favorite song with the Lodger cover but the audio is shit), fine metaphors abound and I am by standards of me mute right now, have a new Sir Richard Dawson (not Newkirk) song instead


Anne Waldman
I turned: quivering yellow stars in blackness   
I wept: how speech may save a woman
The picture changes & promises the heroine   
That nighttime & meditation are a mirage
To discuss pro & contra here is mute
Do I not love you, day?
A pure output of teleological intentions
& she babbles, developing a picture-theory of language
Do I not play the delicate game of language?   
yes, & it is antecedent to the affairs of the world:   
The dish, the mop, the stove, the bed, the marriage   
& surges forth the world in which I love
I and I and I and I and I and I, infinitely reversible   
Yet never secure in the long morning texture
A poor existing woman-being, accept her broken heart   
& yet the earth is divinity, the sky is divinity
The nomads walk & walk.


  1. i watched richard dawson's video on "dead dog in an alleyway" and found it interesting and well done

    the title character appears at 4:52

    i am reminded of a song by loudon wainwright iii which i mentioned in an earlier email today prior to seeing this - i wrote and i quote

    "Keeping it real" is admittedly a struggle - I think of a song by Loudon Wainwright III - "it's tough as nails to be alive, to be a bee in this beehive/it's tough as nails, it's smooth as silk, it's milk and honey - without the milk" - i heard this song on the radio a few times when i lived in the boston area - the other song by him that got airplay then was 'dead skunk in the middle of the road'

    wainwright's skunk got squashed, but no cause of death is apparent for dawson's dog

    enjoy yourself it's later than you think - here's doris day's rendition

  2. Lodger is clearly the best of the three. I dunno what's wrong with people.