Saturday, February 22, 2020

He Walks Out the Door and into a Spray of Sirens

  • Bought Vollmann's new novel last night, Earthgirl and I were in Politics and Prose, me ordered by me not to buy anything, no novels, no poetry, not only last night but 
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  • until I finish what I'm currently not reading, and almost make it until behind the counter where Earthgirl buying her books there it was, *The Lucky Star,* a Tenderloin novel, my least favorite Vollmann, and didn't think twice, as kneejerk as breathing, sitting on sofa now besides me as I type this sentence
  • Below by Douglas Kearney

  • in the March 2020 issue of Poetry
  • I subscribed to for thirty years, got bored, stopped for ten years, picked up the latest three years ago and resubscribed again, praise to the current editor Don Share and his associates, it's not the stolid establishment snore I quit thirteen years ago (poem at bottom same issue)
  • I don't read Vollmann's non-fiction not because Vollmann's non-fiction not good but because I don't read non-fiction (though I did read *Dolores* - which is connected to the Tenderloin novels of which *The Lucky Star* is the latest) (though I am making myself read short sections of Arendt daily on mobs because because), I am telling you three times (which the Nez Perce say to emphasize a point in *The Dying Grass* (have any of you I sent it to read it?), which I've stolen and use as a constant gag here) I like his Tenderloin novels but love love love his Seven Dream novels, William the Blind my favorite Vollmann
  • There's a new Archers of Loaf song!


  1. Thanks for the linkage!!
    AofL on tour now, in ATL this weekend if I'm not mistaken.
    Seeing GBV in May at Shaky Knees festival here. Keep an eye out.
    Also, though you don't need reminding: Grapefruit League begins today.

  2. Golly gee willickers! Well I for one certainly trust the CIA because they're patriots and if they say Mayor Peter Pumpkin Eater is the only candidate we can trust to not conspire with Putin to enslave Americans, well then that just settles that. As a proud Democrat centrist I just want to take this moment to thank the troops for saving so many lives, their efforts to teach Afghanistan people how to tie their shoes and make tea, their humanitarian efforts in Iraq, and well, just all over this gosh darned world! I would also like to take this moment to pledge allegiance to Israel so that the desert can continue to bloom along with their most humanitarian military in the world. I just love Israel, don't you? Wonderful! Don't you just hate those people who boycott Israel? Terrible! I was going to vote for Mayor Mikey Mouse, and now that Kokomo Joe has fallen aside (Sad!), well I'll just do what the CIA tells me to do because sometimes you just have to trust the government!