Sunday, February 2, 2020

I Could Also Mention the Hopes of Common Spiders

  • Bernie's last dance with the Democrats
  • Sanders' biggest obstacle is motherfucking Democrats: you can sense their panic, rising like tree sap. As time grows shorter and the polls in Iowa and New Hampshire trend in Bernie’s favor, the Third Way-style Democrats voice increasingly desperate warnings that a party that lost to Trump may be about to make a mistake. The Wall Street set throws more money at Joe Biden; the famous columnists who backed the Iraq war sound the alarm about unelectability; the candidate who lost to a reality television clown joins in the doomsaying. A Hollywood casting agency specializing in budget comedies could not assemble a less credible group of opponents. One of Bernie Sanders’ greatest advantages in the race is that many of the most unlikable hypocrites in America despise him.
  • Bill Clinton as president, a reminder
  • The graceless ease with which motherfucking professional Democrats maintain a constant -.06% less shittiness to the party of open shittiness, shittier daily, amazes me, I *am* enjoying this more
  • Fleabus interlude

  • So yes, my wheel is at Hypermanic station, down spin starting inevitably if not necessarily soon
  • I am not alone: People and by people I mean the corporate wing of the Democratic party who think the dreaded Bernie Bros saying pee pee to them online is an affront to order seem to be very concerned about the cause of uniting the party and not being divisive but I don’t know what they mean by that except shut the fuck up and take what you get.
  • He is suspicious of conspiracies
  • Here's a conspiracy for you: Democrats never wanted Trump convicted
  • h/t Charlie for catching me typing *acquited* when I meant *convicted* in above sentence
  • Above link from Naked Capitalism's daily links by Lambert, who adds: So, let’s review: From 2006, due primarily to sins of omission or commission by Democrats, Presidents are not accountable for: (1) Fake intelligence leading to war, (2) felonies, (3) war crimes, (4) assassinating US citizens (this is down to the Republicans), and (5) abuse of power. Oh, and (6) epic levels of personal corruption, since Democrats did not impeach Trump over the emoluments clause, setting another precedent. And Sorkin bleats on about “degrading Presidential accountability”? 
  • Conspiracy theory: make your own
  • DC's professional Left flocks to Google conference (Jeff types into his free google blogging platform)
  • Never ever shop at CVS, the helmetball of pharmacies
  • { feuilleton }'s weekly links
  • 2010s part xylophone moose encumbrance
  • The death of tumblr
  • Happy palindrome day 02022020 
  • I cannot recommend the new Destroyer more than I am recommending it:


Susan Stewart

1. Is it true that they dream?
      It is true, for the spaces of night surround them with shape and purpose, like a warm hollow below the shoulders, or between the curve of thigh and belly.
      The land itself can lie like this. Hence our understanding of giants.
      The wind and the grass cry out to the arms of their sleep as the shore cries out, and buries its face in the bruised sea.
      We all have heard barns and fences splintering against the dark with a weight that is more than wood.
      The stars, too, bear witness. We can read their tails and claws as we would read the signs of our own dreams; a knot of sheets, scratches defining the edges of the body, the position of the legs upon waking.
      The cage and the forest are as helpless in the night as a pair of open hands holding rain.
2. Do they dream of the past or of the future?
      Think of the way a woman who wanders the roads could step into an empty farmhouse one afternoon and find a basket of eggs, some unopened letters, the pillowcases embroidered with initials that once were hers.
      Think of her happiness as she sleeps in the daylilies; the air is always heaviest at the start of dusk.
      Cows, for example, find each part of themselves traveling at a different rate of speed. Their bells call back to their burdened hearts the way a sparrow taunts an old hawk.
      As far as the badger and the owl are concerned, the past is a silver trout circling in the ice. Each night he swims through their waking and makes his way back to the moon.
    Clouds file through the dark like prisoners through an endless yard. Deer are made visible by their hunger.
    I could also mention the hopes of common spiders: green thread sailing from an infinite spool, a web, a thin nest, a child dragging a white rope slowly through the sand.
3. Do they dream of this world or of another?
    The prairie lies open like a vacant eye, blind to everything but the wind. From the tall grass the sky is an industrious map that bursts with rivers and cities. A black hawk waltzes against his clumsy wings, the buzzards grow bored with the dead.
    A screendoor flapping idly on an August afternoon or a woman fanning herself in church; this is how the tails of snakes and cats keep time even in sleep.
    There are sudden flashes of light to account for. Alligators, tormented by knots and vines, take these as a sign of grace. Eagles find solace in the far glow of towns, in the small yellow bulb a child keeps by his bed. The lightning that scars the horizon of the meadow is carried in the desperate gaze of foxes.
    Have other skies fallen into this sky? All the evidence seems to say so.
    Conspiracy of air, conspiracy of ice, the silver trout is thirsty for morning, the prairie dog shivers with sweat. Skeletons of gulls lie scattered on the dunes, their beaks still parted by whispering. These are the languages that fall beyond our hearing.
    Imagine the way rain falls around a house at night, invisible to its sleepers. They do not dream of us.
4. How can we learn more?
    This is all we will ever know.


  1. 1)that's a goodlooking cat, and a gorgeous photo

    2)maryland's former governor asks "how do you fall for the bernie sanders scam?"

    o'malley first backed beto o'rourke, has donated to deval patrick,and wants to hear more from mike bloomberg

    3)who knows if it's good or bad?

    4)MFPD, MFCD - compare and contrast

    5)susan stewart mentions skeletons of gulls - see

    5a)bruce cockburn - you've never seen everything

    6)With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
    it is still a beautiful world.
    Be cheerful.
    Strive to be happy.
    ----- Max Ehrmann

  2. Uhm. Not defending CVS here, or attacking the NYMFT story about CVS, but the Hopkins study citing "medical errors" as the third-leading COD in the US is badly flawed, as has been pretty widely reported, and Stoller is a fucking moron for citing that CNBC story uncritically.

    1. To be honest I read it for the capitalist greed aspect more than anything,and having once been almost seriously fucked up by a CVS mistake in a town in Ohio which had no other pharmacy than CVS plus their attitude afterward sucked I found Stoller's claims utterly believable.

  3. Cite:

  4. First Hillary screws Sanders, then she complains he didn't do enough for her?! Things have never been great in the US, but when the Clintons got through with it things became infinitely worse, and are getting worse still. Is the queen turd really unaware that it's their neoliberal policies that people hate? Really and truly? I just can't believe that. She's a liar on so many levels.

    1. someone i knew in the 1970s and i reconnected via facebook a few years ago - unfortunately she is a rabid clintonista and hates bernie with a passion - the only way i am able to relate to her in a friendly way is by making positive comments about her dog - most recently i stated on her page 'you have to be an above-average human to be a better friend than an average dog' - i like dogs although most recently i have had cats and if spouse and self ever have an animal companion again it may well be a cat or cats

      hugh romney, no known relation to mitt romney, stage name 'wavy gravy', would say 'as i told my mirror this morning, it's all done with people'

      fr. pierre teilhard de chardin, sj, said 'human evolution is a way of the cross'

      schroeder, character in cartoon series 'peanuts', said 'i love humanity, it's people i can't stand'

      may the creative forces of the universe smile in our general direction