Tuesday, February 4, 2020

It Lingers, Protocol

  • 19:15 EST last night, February 3 2020, Earthgirl has the television tuned to MSNBC, whoever the people are who are talking all explaining how the results of Iowa caucuses prove Sanders' unelectability and his supporters' infantile understanding of glorious capitalism, I am finally enjoying this, think of all the motherfucking professional Democrats texting Obama to fart his secret anti-Bernie gas
  • I'm told by two far more sophisticated in technology and apps than I am that last night's non-results nothing but incompetence and not deliberate 
  • verily, I say, incompetence, yes, deliberate incompetence by the DNC, absofuckinglutely yes (see reference to Mayor Newman below)
  • Winter woods interlude (from Sunday past, late afternoon, long shadows, slant light)

  • Dream-Wish One of MFPD for Tuesday morning Feb 4 2020 was headlines across country not be Sanders Wins Big, et shazam
  • Which is to say, given the choice between Sanders stomping v being laughing stock for gross incompetence, if you think MFPD wouldn't choose gross incompetence infinity out of infinity times please hasten to your motherfucking apostasy
  • When uncertainty is weaponized
  • Noise? wait until Sanders wins South Carolina
  • MSNBC heads throwing shitfit that Bernie surrogate called Bloomberg an - get this - oligarch, OUTRAGEOUS! and all heads offer up praise for and prayers to rapacious capitalism
  • Cue pivot to MFPD adoration for Mayor Alfred P Newman
  • How McKinsey destroyed the Middle Class
  • On free lunches
  • Tuesday ruminations
  • History of alphabetical order
  • Arrogant squid of North Texas
  • It might surprise you to learn there is a new GbV song


Crystal Storm

Grief is a supervised visit
to the butterfly wing with no

flap or voice. It lingers:
protocol. All the butterflies

in the unsupervised place
are dead threaded with pins

that make them look alive,
only resting in less green.

Do you notice the insects
are dying? Polar vortex, they say.

Magnetic north is shifting,
they say. My heart is beating

properly, they say. Unlike
wings. I cannot caterpillar

on the tree to change.
Even if I could, I would

wake in a glass room, low
ceiling. There would be snow,

and sun so close. Glossy
light, warmth out of reach.


  1. Proud to love you unconditionally, especially since you're a fucking nutter.

  2. Remember, in "War Games", Matthew Broderick goes to his local college campus' "Computer Science" department and has a conversation with Malvin (Eddie Deezen) and Jim Sting (Maury Chakin, who plays Kevin Costner's CO in 'Dances With Clams' and shoots himself in the first reel)? I eventually became one of the Maury Chakin guys, and I hafta say: Iowa is, like Trump's prestidency*, the apotheosis of a millennia of history and Democratic infighting, and weird. It looks like conspiracy but is, in fact, fuck-up.

  3. Were it conspiracy, it could only be by a cabal of new-nerd-dunces; the sort that think a charade within a charade is the apogee of clever.

    This here lonely shit-wit sure hopes it turns true; fex, I'll settle for truthy. A sign, that, of the apocalypse the European project deserves.

  4. an iowa carcass related saying - "you would be surprised how often your thoughtlessness is interpreted as malevolence, and vice versa" or words to that effect - i read it in something by idries shah

    Shocking moment Iowa caucus member demands to change her vote after she realizes Pete Buttigieg is gay and married to a man


    as i drive around with fluid-filled ears, it's as if i had an electric car [because i can't hear the motor]

    that's a good-looking photo of the winter woods, by the way

  5. " non-results nothing but incompetence and not deliberate"

    I LOVE Incompetence Theory (which is so often the lens through which the side that Never Stops Losing interprets the "failures" of the side that has been winning, consistently, for at least six or seven generations, brilliant as they are at cheating... and duping the gullible... while saying OOOPS! an awful lot)

    1. First, foremost, and forever infinity, Death to the Either/Or

      I like the swivel to incompetence as MFPD victory cry, as if, knowing going in that even a whiff of cheating would firestorm they hire a company with direct links to Clinton, a fuck you eat your kibble you leftyshit, isn't hillariously shitsmeary itself

  6. A woman once told me, 'sometimes you just have to trust the government'. Of course, she ended up in a mental hospital.

  7. I also read today that the company who created the app used for voting has links to Mayor Boodygig.
    Mayor Boodygig crowed that the mission has been accomplished. We'll see, it's not over 'till it's over, and it isn't over.