Tuesday, February 25, 2020

I'll Run It Up Your Mast, or Born Seventy-Sevrin Years Ago Today


  1. A Vedic devotional digitally enhanced bhakti~art slideshow set to "Give Me Love" by George Harrison. Animated Artwork by Vishnu108.


  2. I owned Extra Texture and every other solo George release up until and including the eponymous effort of '79; everything felt a leeetle like diminishing returns after the triple-onslaught of the majestic ATMP! (though the SNL drop of "Crackerbox Palace"* was much discussed, the day after, at school). I bought a phase-shifter in '79 and got (what I felt at the time) were remarkably Harrisonian effects. I took my pet theory... that George's famous sneer reflected a secret self-consciousness (before he got his teeth fixed) about his incisors... to a college where everybody was listening to Moondance, Show Some Emotion and, later, Baker Street... and so I had very quietly packed my life-long Beatlemania away by the time of the Friday night time I stumbled upon a party in the dormitory basement at which some very interesting girls were dancing to a song called Cracked Actor. Childhood's end! (But the Second One is just around the corner...!)

    *Trivia Quest: where does a cross-eyed Harrison overlap with both A) a Mel Brooks gag and B) Death Cab for Cutie?