Thursday, February 13, 2020

one savage peek then the utter shredding of the poem's costume

Wanna be above, always am below

  • Changed watercolor palette to red red blue blue yellow yellow only, buoy
  • I'm sideways right now but know now how to brown and grey
  • I'm sideways right now keep meaning to green more but brown more and orange always
  • green whisked hard into smear canvasses red or my eyes
  • The dude on the left is my boss' boss' boss' boss' boss' boss' boss
  • I'm sideways right now paint in tablets writing online, pens' nibs crustifying
  • Blue greys and browns the red red red yellow yellow red yellow yellow
  • I'm sideways right now read nothing but poetry never same poet more than one poem per day
  • Me? Sideways, fyckyd trayned to gyve a shyt or thynk miself shyt

  • the Natyonal League ynevytable desygnated hytter, billbarr's *on* yt
  • Arkbay! sayd fyne metaphor aboundyng 
  • I got Dr Sevrin ears
  • Sideways me browning grey

[The book of poems called Who Am]

Clark Coolidge

The book of poems called Who Am
called Stoop Jar     Ask North
going home with you no matter
you're from Halliburton?     on the fly?
read it in one savage peek then the utter
shredding of the poem's costume     who wrote?
a poem won a prize     lost its name
nothing but cakes and rice in there
nothing to the poem but a frosting sound
the land ahead the land behind a poet's find
hello     what's it you ya?     really something
there's a glass on these waters missing in the poem
headed for Ashtabula     headed to the sonic center
the poet floats past the edge of the main system

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  1. watercolour number 3 reminds me that aldi's has a chocolate bar with chili flavoring that i've never tried

    speaking of magnanimous mike the billionaire, who gets things done, one wonders if his history of pragmatic dealing with ethnic differences, and his record of post-monetary settlement consensual interactions with women, with confidentiality clauses, are flaws, or features

    in the op-ed section of the financial times today a columnist wonders if bernie might really be the best candidate against trump, despite the fears of the bernie bears - janan ganesh [a brit of south asian background, age 37] also helpfully points out that the scariest parts of bernie's program would have to be passed by congress - and of course they wouldn't be

    there's a lake ashtabula in eastern north dakota, created by baldhill dam in the middle of the 20th century