Tuesday, March 17, 2020

To Eradicate or Not the Small Stock of Variola Frozen, Quarantined

  • Little Bennett's parking lots full Sunday past but saw very few and met only one dog, I so want a dog
  • No dog until Fleabus dies no dog until Nap dies
  • Life in the Organize My Dead Like I Organized Baseball Cards for Fun When I Was Ten ocene
  • Olive, Rosie, Stanley, not waiting for them to die, dog

  • Youngsters, everyone had 100 Frank Howard cards to trade for one Mickey Mantle, if you play that stupid monopoly game at Safeway or work for minimum wage at a job GONE! gone closed until forever you know forever you know the scam
  • Reminder: our shitlords see this plague as an opportunity, not a problem, cog
  • Note the green at photo's bottom, brambles always green first, sign Winter Woods, still gorgeous, my favorite woods, almost done for this year
  • Plague shows capitalism's (designed) girderlessness
  • Democrats are our shitlords' guarantors of designed negligence 
  • We're driving to mountains, copper, try and stop us 
  • Our shitlord's designed negligence
  • I can read again because my complicity but can't read all the time, if I start watching movies (I have access to thousands of movies and documentaries, you've no idea) and want a MOVIE-001, shit I should see, Earthgirl watching too, help?
  • I will not watch if an animal suffers and/or dies, humans I'm oK, rather not but not disqualifying
  • Better things aren't possible 
  • Strange, I type the plague not pen the plague
  • I have not hoarded salty snacks and will eat like a monk and walk like a through-hiking pilgrim and work my fat ass into the skinniest ass it can be, Earthgirl and me, and that's reality 
  • Dancing
  • Speaking of absolutely one of the 30 most posted songs here I haven't posted since the last time


Claudia Emerson

The world has certified itself rid of
all but the argument: to eradicate or not
the small stock of variola frozen,
quarantined—a dormancy it has
refused, just once, for a woman behind a sterile
lens, her glass slide a clearest, most
becoming pane. How could it resist slipping
away with her, that discrete first pock?


  1. movie recommendation - my alltime favorite - groundhog day

    movies i've recently seen that i intentionally watched again


    mood of the day [korean movie with subtitles]

    movies that come to mind that i might like to revisit

    hard day's night

    italian for beginners

    as it is in heaven

    may the creative forces of the universe smile in our general direction and have mercy on our souls, if any

    1. a couple others i regard as worth seeing again -

      the day the earth stood still 1951/2008

      the razor's edge 1946/1984

      and of course monty python's the meaning of life, which explains everything - those who have ears, let them hear

      and speaking of listening to movies of the mind, i like side 1 of todd rundgren's audio album initiation


      as always, tastes differ - here i stand, i can do no other

  2. I try to watch a movie from time to time but rarely get more than half way before I turn it off. 99 percent of movies are unoriginal garbage. Movies are also too good at manipulation for my taste. But my favorite movies are The Day the Earth Stood Still, the original, not the modern version which was really bad as in corny beyond belief, and the Maltese Falcon. Super hero movies make me embarrassed to be an American. I like cornflakes though. There's another movie I like, but I can't recall the name, Cape Fear I think it was. Robert Mitchum starred in that one. There's a remake of that one as well. Tony the Tiger says "They're GRRRRREAAAAT!

    Back in the Bronze Age a friend and I would paint houses during summer breaks. One house had a dog that went with it. Her name was Suzy, a black lab. She greeted me at the gate every morning with her tail wagging furiously, nobody was ever that glad to see me. I'd come with a bag of donuts and gave some to Suzy, a friend for life! She was just the greatest dog ever, I loved that dog. I was really sad when we finished the house.

  3. I do like old comedy movies as well. Laurel and Hardy and all the rest from that era and earlier. I also have a fondness for the Three Stooges. Slapstick is good. One other movie I like is Arsenic and Old Lace. A good comedy. The guy with the trumpet is hilarious. Life is full of pain and loss but with slapstick nobody really gets hurt. It focuses on the mechanical aspects of the human body. Absence of pain is a hallmark of slapstick.