Sunday, March 15, 2020

In Other Words, There Are Plenty of Natural Predators

  • Ran to MOMs on Nebel 830 yesterday morning, out of coffee, usually grind one bag of 2/3 Sumatra and 1/3 Nicaragua beans roasted in Baltimore, ground three bags, this the story of my Covid-19 hoarding adventure, bought same amount of regular stuff (and straight out of the jar is fucking-A) I do every Saturday
  • Was surprisingly empty when I got there but in the fifteen minutes I was there kaboom
  • Imagine after the mandatory quarantine takes affect mid next week and is in it's second week and the electric grid shuts down, how will I brew my goddamn coffee?
  • Deliberate neglect is taught in business schools, it's a key variable in the calculus that turns ink black
  • We got a late start so long loops around the Gold Mine Loops maze, crowded, crowded, I'd never seen so crowded
  • Here's a side-affect that affects me (not at all, but I'm a boy, pissing in woods, even crowded woods, easy, but Earthgirl): I get to meet more dogs!


  1. Probably one of the 30 most posted songs here but not in a while I'm surprised it took till last night to start in my head, go listen to that album, yo
  2. I won't write about work directly here but my employers response to the pandemic mirrors every other organizations' in America: they are taught deliberate neglect for non-essentials in business school and non-essential = don't turn profit
  3. Coronavirus concerts 
  4. I really want to write about work here (and don't want to write about work in tablet) so let me just say I don't think I can personally move the 1200 books from a branch library half cross campus to main library in the two hour deadline I've been given
  5. Peace to you genuinely freaked out 
  6. I'm what I do, I'm able to make my anxiety non-essential, I deliberately neglect it, I wash hands sure but fatalism now, it freaks out my freaked out Beloveds
  7. Soon sideways will be SIDEWAYS



C.D. Wright

A question posed to Flannery O'Connor, as to whether writing programs stifled writers, drew the famous, tart rejoinder that in her opinion they didn't stifle nearly enough.
Even if, as it is often said, there are too many of us—poets, that is—that the field is too crowded (as opposed to too many hedge-fund managers or too many pharmaceutical lobbyists or too many fundamentalists), time, rejection, discouragement, and the inevitable practicalities and detours (some of them fortuitous), as well as wasted energy, the slow seepage or sudden shift of interest, premature death, burdensome debt or better offers, usually cure the problem of overpopulation. In other words, there are plenty of natural predators


  1. Re: The Slate Article:

    "The Transportation Security Administration announced Friday that due to the coronavirus outbreak, they’re waiving the familiar four-ounce limit for liquids and gels—for hand sanitizer only. You may now bring a bottle of Purell as large as 12 ounces onto the plane to assist in your constant sanitizing of yourself, your family, your seat, your bag of peanuts, and everything else. All other liquids and gels, however, are still restricted to four ounces."

    To fully extract the implications: couldn't the airlines provide antiseptic wet-wipes, thereby keeping the holy liquids-ban intact? In other words: they're now shrugging off years of ritualistic TSA terror-dogma because the Airlines simply don't want to pay for millions of wet-wipes themselves... NOT because anti-COVID-19 safety takes precedence over anti-Turriss safety. Chew on that one...

  2. Will Biden ride the corona virus, or whatever they call it now, to the Whitehouse? Nobody in their right mind would care. Now that Sanders isn't likely,(if he ever was) to be nominated I've lost interest completely. However, as I understand it, the younger generations are more favorable to socialism than they are capitalism, so maybe Bernie helped start something that's just picking up steam. Who knows.

    I've been wondering if this corona thing is related to climate change either directly or indirectly. Is this something that's going to happen more frequently because of climate change? Consequences, there's always consequences that are unforeseen. I doubt that anyone thought about how the modern jet age would or could facilitate the rapid spreading of deadly diseases. The important thing is that there's money to be made, fortunes built, all part of the great game where the world's a 3d chessboard.

    Americans have for some time thought of the world as their personal playground. Whether it's the resources of other nations to loot or vacations on the Riviera. So we're shocked to find the world is still a dangerous place after all. And it's a bit ironic that after all the false flag scares from Putin as Count Dracula the Impaler, to yellow cake, or just the "other", we now have something that seems to be very real and very scary.

    If you like dark humor as do I, watching the inept, ignorant, greedy idiots that passes for our leadership on this ship of fools trying to actually lead is like watching an old Three Stooges film, just not as funny. But pretty funny nonetheless. I hate that word. I'm not even sure what nonetheless means. Nonetheless I sure hope I don't get the virus.