Thursday, April 30, 2020

Bad Host, You Clutch Your Guest

  • I'm my own worse mime
  • The real state of exception? To be truly messianic, Bailey would have to renounce any claim to serve as a precedent, choosing instead to live out his peculiar form-of-life in a way that enacts its absurdity. We can imagine that solitary vigil as a kind of performance art piece that repeatedly exposes the limit of the bourgeois rights he has uselessly reclaimed.
  • Datafication, or: shitlords profit from the plague
  • When the pandemic reveals genocide
  • Why the Left keeps losing: The left, bless their hearts, tend to think that there are rules, and that they can play by them, win, and be allowed to rule. But all along the process, the left’s opponents will not and do not play by the rules when facing the left... The US overthrew multiple elected government overseas if they considered them left wing. At home, coincidentally, JFK, RFK, MLK and Malcom X were all assassinated in a period of less than ten years, and we are expected to believe the security apparatus had nothing to do with that... Corbyn was deliberately sabotaged by his own bureaucracy, because he thought there were rules. His MPs sabotaged him. The press lied about him over 75% of the time. Sanders was taken out when every opponent except Biden all dropped out at the same time: a coordinated action which I can’t remember a precedent for. It was NOT normal, it is not what would have happened if a centrist had been beating Biden, they would have been allowed to win, and there would have been no nonsense about how that was happening because of a split field, because split fields are normal.
  • Vultures, or: shitlords profit from the plague

Explaining what I
just wrote my acid in face

Mirror shards jigsawed
by duffel, me, six backpacks
three lives, swarm of lies

easier for it's
complexity, that surprised
me too, drives itself

I've no intention
explain the last two stanzas
and won't explain why

I won't tell you what
I want you to know one more
motherfucking time


[I am a threat to life, a violent butter]

Joyelle McSweeney

I'm a threat to life, a violent butter.
I spread my toxic inklings like a cloud
-seeding-drone, & drop on crops my shake
of violet water. As the clotted vena cava
sucks dye for the camera, a violent thought
turns all my justs to anger. A fist of cloud
breaks the crowny crater, which vomits up
its own grand cru, palpates the sternum
of the sky for ulcerations. O fish in flume, resting
on your mutagenic breasts, who do you give
your milk to. O mouth that cannot close, oh planet cleft
what cache of weapons do you lean on as you dream
in your pleural cavity, desertified, depressed.
Bad host, you clutch your guest.


  1. I think we are scrood. Go hiking, often.

  2. 1)going hiking is something the premier and chief medical officer of nova scotia recommended today - n.s. is dealing not just with a pandemic lockdown but also a recent horrific shooting spree and then yesterday the crash of a canadian armed forces helicopter in the mediterranean [halifax is the headquarters of the canadian navy] - the province has just opened up municipal and provincial parks and hiking trails, which had been closed during the emergency - specifically to give people a chance to improve their mental as well as physical health by walking around outside

    beaches are still closed - even beaches that are part of parks, even beaches that surfers might want to cross on their way to surfing in the ocean

    2)asking myself if i think 'we are scrood', i find myself musing, 'compared to what?'

    2a)with respect to the way circumstances have developed not necessarily to our advantage, bill gates is following the advice of the peter gabriel duet with kate bush/paula cole

    don't give up

    you could read what he's written

    subheadline: Humankind has never had a more urgent task than creating broad immunity for coronavirus

    stated reading time: 10 minutes