Tuesday, April 21, 2020

because mirth is both *Physicall* and wholsome against the *Plague*

Seventy-three today, Iggy, the 1987 show at Hammerjacks one of my favorite nights not only because Iggy and Hammerjacks but night I discovered I *was* in a monogamous relationship with a person who wasn't there and was not wrong


Joyelle McSweeney

I haue clapt the Cognizance of your name on these scribbled papers
it is their liuery: So that now they are yours

whose crest is Pen-and-Inckhorne
If you read you may happilie laugh: tis my desire that you should
because mirth is both Physicall and wholsome against the Plague, with which
sicknes (to tell truth) this book (though not sorely) yet somewhat infected
(Dead at White Hall at Westminster
But liuing at the White Hall of Heaven
this Protean Climactericall yeare)


  1. anyone who looks for a "savior" (i.e., to be saved, to save us) in politics and among politicians has failed to learn, absorb, understand the single, undeniable, clarion message of 2000 years of western history enshrined in the rococo trappings of Christianity: saviors get crucified by/in politics. populists looked to hitler to save them, too. the people looked to stalin to save them, also. the masses turned to mao to save them, as well. there are NO saviors in politics—only flawed humans. hoping for, wishing for, and refusing to settle for less than one (utopian idealism) is the route to endless disappointment and self-loathing and ultimate political self-destruction. right now, the battle is over realities—not idealities.

  2. I haven't read all the links yet but I will. The links I've read have cheered me up to no end! I agree with Jim H. regarding saviors. And I know I sound like an idiot and a hypocrite when I suggest voting for Biden might not be a bad idea. Of course Biden is a total asshole, idiot, rapist, mass murdering, piece of dung. But if he did appoint some people who were more competent dealing with the pandemic it might give people a bit of a break. A lot of people could use even a small break. The people Trump has surrounded himself with and put in charge are abysmal. I certainly wouldn't view Biden or any of these assholes, and that includes the Mod Squad, as saviors. I see them as the enemy. And yes, I knew the old canard about people hating the government upon finding a can of tuna contaminated with botulism now want the government to do something about it would come up. There's very little that's new under the sun as the say. I don't know enough to say one or the other what's going to happen after the pandemic or if there even is an after. And maybe some of these predictions of doom and gloom are correct. Maybe some good will come of it, probably not. There seems to be a class of mistakes that humans just cannot learn from and are doomed to repeat until the sun falls in the ocean. I can't think that far ahead right now.

  3. I have a confession. I voted for Pelosi once, a very long time ago. She's been around as long as I can remember. If she gets another face lift her belly button will be on her chin. My progress was thus- once I realized I didn't know what the fuck I was doing when I voted, and was likely to do more damage than not I stopped voting. Then as I learned more I had other reasons for not voting. Liberals are shocked when I say such things for which I sincerely apologize, not wishing to harm tender liberal sensibilities. The poor dears, they get so upset, bad for the digestion. But I'm still thinking about voting for Biden. No point in getting angry, I live in California and my vote doesn't count for shit as the elections are decided before Californicaters can vote any way. And as we know, if the Democratic leaders don't like the way you voted, why they'll just change if for you, at no extra cost. You need do nothing! As I understand it, Bernie Sanders didn't spend all his campaign money and has a bunch left. Will he donate it to the homeless who are among the most vulnerable? Or will it go to the Democratic Party.

  4. iggy did 'wild one' on american idol - you can find it on youtube

    on politics - as a marylander i need not concern myself with whether or not to vote as far as the presidential election is concerned, my state's result is already determined - i wonder if biden will really be nominated, and whether he will last as long as the election, assuming there is one - but there's no use in worrying about it - it's nothing personal, it's just business