Thursday, April 23, 2020

Sleeping on the Other Edge of Pow'r, Eyes Roll'd

  • Endtimes: Earthgirl doesn't think I'm nuts I scream Democrats the enemy
  • Tuesday night we were laughing in despair
  • Yesterday I was sideways (at everything, not just the minor rat turd fine metaphor abounding that are motherfucking professional Democrats), 
  • a yellowed-white basement grandpa freezer versus Pelosi's prestige freezerzzz, stainless steel polished organized and upright, her kitchen costs more than my house


Joyelle McSweeney

Lay in an array of pixels
Fat, simulated proteins
Looks just like nutrition!
Acts just like an avatar!
I just wanted to give my body to
A net of guarine
Gingko-balboa azatine melamine
Camphobacter phylacter nicotine
Which hung like neuron-nectar in a cell, net of
Vatic coughdropped hairball tells the future of
Neural center where the straight lines hopped
Like a hairline fracture on a bender jumps a
Mulholland retaining wall and crashes the crinkled Vale of
Fruit for monkeys in a barrel, one fruit per monkey
For a total of fortyseven monkeydays
For a total of twelve hours at a clip
The go-home-and-feed-the-baby milk of it
That man is a mouth chased by ghosts
Round a rainslicked hairpin off a cliff in
(And now I pause to remember
How Art was a silver paper moulded to the ceiling
Where you cut your hair
For your rebirth as Fata Androgyana
The scissors-sister who slits where she goes-into
Cuts as she cuts—)
This machine makes its need louder and
Invites me into its duct, unlike the baby
Sleeping on the other edge of Pow’r,
Eyes roll’d, mouth pinch’d shut
Round Pow’r’s earthly sinks and shunts—


  1. WeChat COVID-19 Ditty
    translated from the Chinese by David Moser

    In quarantine, not a single human right.
    No quarantine, not a single human left.
    In the heavens, bats flying; here on earth, Trump lying.
    One is contagious, the other outrageous.
    Just try not wearing a face mask.
    You try, you die.

    What's interesting to me as a translator is that even this little exercise is a microcosm of the problems we invariably encounter in translating from Chinese to English. First of all, it is impossible to achieve the syllabic parsimony of the original. In every line except the final one, the number of syllables in English is significantly greater than the number in the Chinese. This is largely due to the fact that in transferring the information from Chinese to English, the translator is very often compelled to add information into the target English translation, in order to construct a sentence that comports with the requirements of idiomatic English. This C-E disproportional syllable ratio is famously evident in English translations of Classical Chinese (wényánwén文言文), but is also a fact of life for modern Chinese, as well.)

    Of course, this state of affairs is encountered in the translation of all languages, but is compounded in C-E translation due to some of the deep differences between Chinese and English sentence structure....

  2. above is a link to john ashbery's my philosophy of life

    speaking as a philosopher with the academic degree to prove it, i found my interest was piqued by

    But then you remember something William James wrote in some book of his you never read

    our friends at Wikiquote provide us with the following excerpt from james's A pluralistic universe (1909) -

    What was reason given to men for, said some eighteenth century writer, except to enable them to find reasons for what they want to think and do?—and I think the history of philosophy largely bears him out.

    a few lines later, ashbery notes

    It's fine, in summer, to visit the seashore. There are lots of little trips to be made.

    coincidentally(?) yesterday i received in the mail a travel book i had ordered - lonely planet's Nova Scotia, New Brunswick & Prince Edward Island - there's a lot of lovely seashore there - n.s. in particular calls itself canada's ocean playground

    i had ordered this book a week or two ago - before my ancestral province made the news this past weekend due to the depraved actions of a psychotic killer - who revenged himself on the woman who left him by killing not just her, and not just her new man, but another twenty people while he was at it including a family unit of three, two parents in front of their children, people out for a walk, someone who shared his occupation and whom it seems he looked up to settle an old grudge with, and on and on

    the dog he shot survived, however

  3. Greetings from the idiocracy where our governor can't even suck up to trump competently.
    The post-mortem for Erniesay Andersbay is still being cross-contaminated. (personal aside: voted for him in the 2016 primary and was prepared to do same this cycle) Personally: I'm sad. Dude had four fucking years since the last campaign to try to build a winning coalition which, it turns out, he's incapable of doing despite my hopes. I shake my damn head at how he and his minions expected to win a DEMOCRATIC PARTY primary contest when he and they were running against the DEMOCRATIC PARTY????????? I'm no politics genius, but even I know people won't vote for you if all you do is insult them—however conventional they might be. So, sure, the anti-populists (whatever that means?? but then again Trump ran on populism, so I'm not sure how that's a bad thing?? Again, not a politics genius) were lined up against him, but he brought it on himself. He didn't reach out, didn't collaborate in legislation, couldn't get past his ideological blinders and see how to either cooperate or make mutually beneficial alignments based on the larger shared values & policies and leave the trivial, petty shit aside. That saddened me. You want to win, you gotta bring people in. He alienated those who were closest to his positions—recall how he and his attacked Warren when she started showing in the polls. It was nasty, and there's nobody who's a democrat closer to Erniebay. I mean KUM the fcuk BA YAH, mofo. You want to win or make a point??? You made your point, now where are you? And where are we? I'll tell you where we are: bereft of you, disappointed, sad, saddled with who tf knows what?

  4. I'm not sure what to make of Bernie. At first after his early surrender I thought he was just another fraud. I'm no longer convinced of that. I also think some are being a bit hard on Bernie who never pretended to be anything but an old fashioned FDR democrat. Far from perfect yet was there anyone out there even close to being as good as Bernie? In this day and age Bernie is about the best you'll ever get. I'm no political professor either so maybe he ran a poor show of a campaign, yet I was surprised by how well he did. I would have thought he lost all credibility from his last run at the presidency. I think he may have lost a great deal of credibility on this last round though. And it's too bad, I think it would have been nice to have someone with a brain in charge during the crisis we are in. Now our choice is limited between two demented clowns. One small hope is that if Biden is still alive by November perhaps he'll pick a vp that would at least be an intelligent person. I don't think Biden would last even a full first term so who he picks is of interest and might be of importance even. Still, it's about six months till the election and a lot of water will have gone under the bridge by then. And who knows how the pandemic will affect all this, and Trump has threatened not to leave peacefully even if he loses the election (can always claim it was rigged, which it will be). So there's a lot of things at play and after Bernie dropped out I've really little interest in this election. I expect nothing but the worst. Always a safe bet when humans are involved.