Friday, April 17, 2020

Canary w Sniffles

  • I intended this post to be anger-free (by my standards), we had a wonderful hike last beautiful evening

  • but then saw this morning fuckwit Bernie Sanders tweet that all student debt needs to be canceled to which I responded

  • Today's links tomorrow or Sunday or not at all
  • Yesterday was also Ian MacKaye's 58th birthday

[I don't think I'll catch plague but if I do plague wins]

Pjoepf of Vriecyh


  1. 0)that's a good looking forest photo

    i wish to share my differing viewpoint on bernie's

    a)endorsing biden
    and then
    b)calling for student debt forgivenness

    1)words of wisdom from a great statesman

    it was otto von bismarck who said politics is the art of the possible

    2)a form of structured inquiry which is one of the most important instruments in the toolkit of the practical philosopher

    how's x ?
    compared to what?

    1. sorry for typo - my second degree was ma, not ms

      re jsps - see

  2. My mom used to say that when people get older they just become more of what they already are. Bernie seems to be proof of this. I'm not as angry as some as I never expected this to end well. But it does seem Bernie threw in the towel a tad early. The world changes but people rarely do.

    If and when the shitstorm ends you should come out to California for some hiking. I would recommend Muir Woods, Big Basin, Point Reyes, Point Lobos for starters.

  3. Here's more: Asked by @mehdirhasan whether he'll be voting for Biden, Noam Chomsky says "of course, I wouldn't hesitate for a second... I'm not going to vote for the destruction of organized human society."
    So, noted neo-liberal apologist and Hillary/DNC stan Noam Chomsky also not Noam enough, I guess...

  4. Yeah, Chomsky first tells you all the bad stuff about the Democrats and then says you should vote for them. You go figure.


  6. Further quote from Noam: "Failure to vote for Biden in a swing state amounts to voting for Trump."

    In the interview with Hasan, Noam Chomsky compares the #NeverBiden ppl to Communists in the 1930s who refused to ally with social democrats against the Nazis: "We know where that led."

    Or do we? I'm not so sure.

  7. I think I prefer Michael Parenti to Chomsky. I understand the logic of the lesser of two evil voting since that's all there ever is given our choices. I agree with those who say that's what got us Trump in the first place, that it's been a race to the bottom for a long time. Given the circumstances we find ourselves in today with the pandemic and a total asshole self centered jackass ranting illiterate tweets from a toilet seat in the Whitehouse who has surrounded himself with similar dolts, that voting for Biden might not be a bad idea. One would hope that he would appoint people more competent than what we see with Trump to deal with what they are predicting as a resurgence of the Covid-19 in the fall. It's something to ponder at any rate. Meanwhile the US is finally an actual world leader, in Corona virus deaths.