Thursday, April 2, 2020

We Are Alone But Not Alone in Being Alone

  • Me? Albertine just pulled the bell on Marcel, I've finished volume two, I thought, albertgilbert would be a good name for a band
  • Discovered a micromanaging bookkeeper for a boss face-to-face a picnic compared to a micromanaging bookkeeper for a boss teleworking
  • Meanwhile, the same professional librarians who cheerfully enjoy conferences cheerfully enjoy teleconferencing, the smackfucks
  • And then there are the listservs I'm required to monitor, the chirpyfucks
  • Planet sent me a mocojoke, mocomofos:
  • Doctor: the patient contracted Covid-19 in Rockville
  • Patient: (dying rasps) North Bethesda
  • I only see Thompson now when he comes with his band, he had solo shows scheduled for Birchmere sometime late Spring and no we weren't going to go, I'd rather teleconference with smackfucks and chirpyfucks than hear *52 Black Vincent Lightening* again, but
  • I've RTed now more than 40 years
  • click here for more Richard Thompson songs, today's tomorrow his 71st, I've lost track of days and dates



Bob Hicok

We are alone.
At seven o’clock around the world, people are clapping
at open windows and on balconies for everyone trying
to help us stay alive, doctors and nurses and pizza delivery guys.
We are alone but not alone. At the same time, a man plays clarinet
across my valley to neighbors and cows. We are alone but not alone
in being alone. Friends drinking virtually get actually drunk
and sing all the show tunes they know. We are alone but not alone.
A call arrives: a woman I loved and lived with has died. I am alone.
She joins a growing number on TV each night. When I was a kid,
Cronkite tolled the dead on CBS every evening. Then a war, now a virus;
then far, now at our doors. I am alone but not alone. I open every window,
take my drink, my desire for wings, my scream outside.
It’s warm, sunny, there’s a jump in the grass and the trees: spring.
I am alone but not alone in looking more tenderly at daffodils
than I have in years. Go you yellow dreamers, go: rise. We are alone
but not alone in feeling lucky as others die that we have been left alone.
At seven o’clock around the world, people are clapping
at open windows and on balconies for God and the air to hear
that we’re still alive.


  1. Governor Suddenly Sensible says you can hike, you know. I'm sorry that the bookkeeper doesn't agree.

    I'm kind of startled you heard the Upper Bethesda joke two weeks after I did. You usually get those way before I do.

    1. Hey, what about North Potomac?!

      Landru is correct about going out for walks with Earthgirl. I go out everyday on my own and an able to keep my distance from everyone and everything. You may need to change to less-traveled trails or go at off times but it is easily doable.

    2. We are and we will, tomorrow and Sunday, but I can tell you Rock Creek Trail just down the hill is stupid, no can do, people huffing by you on bike or jog, groups of fucks who won't single-file, it's a hot spot, I swear, I'm gonna know every cul-de-sac of every neighborhood within five mile radius of house on weeknights when to get most in we just walk from our door

  2. i gave this five stars at amazon

  3. The place is really starting to fall apart:

    According to the article the government is being stingy in their funding of the USPS. So while bailing out their buddies with a slush fund with trillions of dollars it sounds like they're going to let the USPS go down the tubes despite the people who depend on it for medications etc., typical. Pelosi wants to keep USPS up and running long enough for the election so people can vote. You'd find more compassion in a lump of iron than you would Pelosi. No doubt the specter of total privatization is looming over the horizon for USPS, that or insolvency. Marrkuh leads the way.

  4. Perhaps at some point this recent live stream performance by RT will be of interest to you: