Sunday, May 31, 2020

I'm So Fucked Self-Indulgent to Think You'd Like This Song

  1. ▲'s  most posted video on this blog by a factor of X. ▲'s the BLCKDGRD Bleggalgazing Anthem, has been since Day One, people can vouch, today High BLCKDGRD Bleggalgazing Day
  2. Chris Elliott is 60 today
  3. New for 2020, previous years' news removed
  4. New for 2020: since last year's Bleggalgazing Day two weirdest hardest life episodes I've witnessed, the first core frightening, the second core sad, beloveds can vouch
  5. I never posted about here but (did hint shit happening) did type into a blooger draft what I wrote in tablet and then edited it to as good as my patience could take then deleted it without copy/pasting to even notepad
  6. beloveds can't vouch for that
  7. now the months of plague and advent of crackergeddon, I chirp neverendingly
  8. It seems my motherfucking free blogging platform is my processing machine for what I won't post here, fine metaphors abound
  9. The coming year will make this last year seem ordinary what I do type and post here, just wait until October (I'm told 
  10. get a non-US based VPN and duck duck go my ass to tor and for fuck's sake get off your motherfucking free blooging platform) I'm (glad I can login and my lap
  11. top and wifi 
  12. working) hoping for nothing in my or my beloveds life I type into a draft here then kill
  13. New for 2020:

  • I got Dr Sevrin ears
  • New for 2020 because my eyes see it better, Georgia font 
  • Old for 2020, I'm not surprised that Serendipity aligned peak clusterfuck (so far, wait until October) with the holiest day in my self-indulgent calendar 
  • New for 2020: because it is a Sunday, because it is the blogdays of Summer, because the country is on fire, this will be the least read of Bleggalgazing Day posts, happy and appropriate fine metaphors abound 
  • New for 2020, I changed my watercolor palette to my favorite red, yellow, and blue, and yes
  • Yes, I'll keep the image on blogroll, but Egoslavia/Egoslavian now retired, I'm so fucked self-indulgent to think you'll like this song

  • The three other BLCKDGRD Bleggalgazing Anthems ▼ Reminder: The Archers of Loaf is this shitty blog's official Theme Song. 

  1. My free motherfucking blogging platform (tells me In late June, the new Blogger interface will become the default for all users. The legacy interface will still be optionally available. We recommend trying the new interface by clicking “Try the New Blogger” in the left-hand navigation. Please file any critical issues encountered) ate one of my blogrolls, the one previously below Dr Sevrin, I don't remember who was on it, if one was you, please please please let me know
  2. First thought Fuck Bloogoogle, I have access to a wordpress dashboard, for $42 a year I could have a 47th blog and new domain name! (I shit you not!)

  1. Beloveds, kill me if ever


  1. 0)that's a good looking water colour

    1)this morning i read an interview of rutger bregman [whose wikipedia bio you could find you wanted] and subsequently put my money where my mouth is by signing up for the website that publishes him,

    2)it's not particularly warm today, so i am baking brownies even as i type

  2. Dig this:

  3. Happy The Big Day. Look forward to Sparks every year, stupid as that seems; but I've seen lots of strange and more stupid than I needed to; All in the game, yo.