Friday, May 29, 2020

Meanwhile a Riot Began Over a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

I'm trying to write a post now was gonna quickbark a crackerscreed, I *love* a good crackerscreed, but you've your own to knead (or are out of yeast) (or are kneed in the neck) and don't need mine but click links, yo



Don Mee Choi

Here comes Shitty Kitty en route to the Gulf of Tonkin or en route to a race riot? That is the question and meanwhile discipline is the keystone and meanwhile did you see on TV helicopters being ditched into the sea? That is also my film and meanwhile all refugees must be treated as suspects. Looking for your husband? Looking for your son? That is the question and meanwhile she was the mother of the boy or that is what the translator said or Shitty Kitty or shall we adhere to traditional concepts of military discipline tempered with humanitarianism? That is the question and meanwhile South Korea exports military labor left over from the war. That is also my history or is that your history? That is the question and meanwhile
          (CHORUS: Dictator Park Chung Hee and his soldiers in Ray-Bans)
          How much?
          $7.5 million=per division
          or Binh Tai massacre=$7.5 million
          or Binh Hoa massacre=$7.5 million
          or Dien Nien—Phuoc Binh massacre=$7.5 million
          or Go Dai massacre=$7.5 milion
          or Ha My massacre=$7.5 million
          or Phong Nhi & Phong Nhat massacre=$15 million
          or Tay Vinh massacre=$7.5 million
          or Vinh Xuan massacre=$7.5 million
          or Mighty History?

That is the question and meanwhile a riot began over a grilled cheese sandwich at
Subic Bay. Discrimination or perception? That is the question and meanwhile the
sailor refused to make a statement or translate? That is the question and meanwhile
twenty-six men all black were charged with assault and rioting and meanwhile did
you translate? That is my question and meanwhile lard or Crisco? Aye, aye, sir! 
          (Anti-CHORUS: kittens in frilly white bonnets, bibs, and mittens)
                                                       K I T T Y  S O N G
                                                     I, aye-aye-sir!
                          I, crazy-daisy-sir!
                         I, export-quality-sir!
                            I, grill-grill-sir!
                          I, meow-meow sir!
                            I, kitty-litter-sir!


  1. 1)for more information about the riot over a grilled cheese sandwich you could see

    Report by the Special Subcommittee on Disciplinary Problems in the US Navy. 92nd Cong., 2d sess., 1973, H.A.S.C. 92-81

    2)for more information about Park Chung Hee's last day as president of south korea you could see

    which begins

    Park Chung-hee, the third President of South Korea, was assassinated on October 26, 1979, during a dinner at the Korean Central Intelligence Agency (KCIA) safehouse inside the Blue House presidential compound in Gangjeong-dong, Seoul, South Korea. Kim Jae-gyu, the director of the KCIA and the president's security chief, was responsible for the assassination. Park was shot in the chest and the head, and died almost immediately. Four bodyguards and a presidential chauffeur were also killed. The incident is often referred to as "10.26" or the "10.26 incident" in South Korea.

    There is a great deal of controversy surrounding Kim's motives, as it remains uncertain whether the act was part of a planned coup d'état or was merely impulsive. The chief investigator Yi Hak-bong famously concluded that the assassination was "too careless for a deliberate act and yet too elaborate for an impulsive act."

    3)as yogi berra could have said - although to the best of my knowledge this apocryphal attribution is my own - you never know when something surprising might happen

    4)i was surprised, for example, to learn about e.t.a. hoffmann's last novel, translated into english as recently as 1999 - The Life and Opinions of the Tomcat Murr - after discovering its existence i experienced a desire to read it

    4.2)as robert louis stevenson wrote

    The world is so full of a number of things,
    I'm sure we should all be as happy as kings.

    4.25)the happiest kings are presumably those with the serenity to accept the things they cannot change, the courage to change the things they can [which they regard as needing to be changed, one supposes], the wisdom to know the difference, and the power to direct their attention to matters which need to be attended to, moment by moment, breath by breath, as best they can

    4.3)lard or Crisco? crisco, please - unless you happen to have some extra virgin olive oil

  2. It's pretty fucked out there, in the visible spectrum; whereas before, we allowed art allusions to the fucked, unless we were living it -- now, like once Vietnam, it's on our teevee. Only it's not 18,000 miles away. It's in your visible spectrum, and close-up fucked in the visible spectrum is a different order. Trust me.

  3. The hidden law of America has been exposed, that white people get to be white because black people have to be black. Whiteness is enjoyed because blackness is enforced and suffered.

  4. It seems fairly clear that the US is a failed state on just about every level. From the response to the pandemic to the recent murder of a young black man by a stupid jock of a cop while a bunch of ineffectual morons stood around and did nothing (feel safer in a crowd?) and the resulting riots, the economic divide, the overt corruption of what passes for a federal government, the lack of access to medical care, the endless problems of racial hatred, a population of ill-educated non-thinking knee jerk morons, mostly overweight, superstitious, illiterate dumbshits who can barely string a few words together to form a sentence with fried eggs for eyes and scrambled eggs for brains and therefor easily manipulated by ever so clever (different from intelligence) bullshit artists this country is one big stinking piece of shit failed state. The good news is that US-icans have something to worry about other than their orgasms. By God there's a silver lining in every cloud!