Tuesday, June 16, 2020

if by alternating tongues we

Bob Mould has a new album this September, early released a clusterfuck song!

  • Oh well
  • A long-time baseball writer tweeted: an agent last week: "They're actually going to burn it all down," they the shitlords who own the teams who teem to break all unions (but the police) and especially want to break MLBPA, it's personal bucket-list
  • I retweeted: Rereading first two of Mantel's Henry trilogy ahead of reading the new third reminds me our shitlords were ever thus, if they can't have everything nobody gets anything
  • I tweeted at a name the wrong movie tweet: Peewee's Big Adventure (the swimming pool scene) (this a beacon to crazy pants)
  • ditto here instead of a bleggalgaze, how what just happened everywhere evaporates like the alcohol on your plague wipe (or disappearing
  • branding not forgotten never was as soon as removed)
  • I thought I'd miss local Nats radio play-by-play more than I do

  • I have Doctor Sevrin ears, currently sunburn red in real life
  • Jack Cox Dodge Rose
  • Remember when the plague was here?
  • Re: Mantel's Henry trilogy and shitlords ever thus they are all leveraged, blackmailed, and extorted against each other, it's fun for the just psychopathic, the smartest, most dangerous among them know there's no there there, *they're* the sociopaths to fear
  • Small insight
  • Remember when the plague was here
  • Shitlords will not let a plague go to waste
  • Beware of lateral thinking
  • Obamapostasies: a refresher
  • Death in Moco. First time I ate a breakfast bagel sandwich at Bagel City was when I worked a few emergency shifts at Crown Books #801 in the same shopping center in the mid-80s, beloveds can vouch, if not for Crown Books there would be no Planet, who ate many a breakfast bagel sandwich at Bagel City with Earthgirl and me


Susan Parr

While in bells I lie,
who lies, if my belle—

my female I—
the one I Hallmark,

with my feelings; we-one
I tremble with consort—

who lies, if  by alt-
ernating tongues we

two-speak false rap-
port, peal apart?

Who lies—if  I she-and-I
deliver our ultima-

tum: my surly quiver,
her curt surprise—

if my two-timing slips?
If  Time itself

stutters the part—
if it inserts (and she

hearts!) a skipping second
one into my her-verge,

her to-my-from—
pushes in an extra

friend, an other, phan-
tom pendulum?


  1. i enjoyed the bob mould song - the colourful video helped

    the reminder of the obama years you linked to seems accurate - one might have hoped for something different, but it is what it is

    missus charley found around the house and began to read e.t.a. hoffmann's life and opinions of the tomcat murr

    our choir director has asked us to turn in all the music on loan to us - maybe another season will start in september, maybe not - even if it does, i don't intend to show up until we've all been vaccinated [at a time tbd], and hope that missus charley will follow my example

    in the meantime we watch mass on youtube - this past sunday was the feast of corpus christi - the homily focused on the miracle which supposedly inspired this observance - quite frankly, i don't believe it happened


    this morning i watched a video of a dave chappelle outdoor show discussing recent events - this was the first time i'd seen him talk - worth listening to although not a lot of laughs


  2. Thankee linkee. And in all things which happen, may you and yours and the cats and the forests you're walking through be well and as safe as possible.

  3. Vouching. No Hafts, no Planet. No lots of other life and joy. Ergo grateful to Hafts. Trippy.

  4. Zoonoses Like Me

    This song is the point of view of microorganisms that cause zoonotic diseases, to explain how humans have facilitated their emergence from their natural reservoirs.


    The lyric writer and singer is an epidemiologist of plant diseases

    The tune is from "Someone Like You"