Friday, June 19, 2020

thuds ground (dud)

Tweet that beyond this year's universal designated hitter there will be universal designated hitter in 2021, latest owners' offer

I'll remember this as the hill I finally die on, but I've been boner for my final baseball apostasy forever

  • Bought that at Sights & Sounds 
  • Baseball & Classicism
  • Strange, the more weird and dangerous each day gets the more duh for me to write about it
  • At first I thought the constant kayfabe breaking clogged my processing the constant kayfabe breaking, but no, nothing revealed should surprise, that each morning's breakage is normalized by dinner predictable, processing *that* is duh
  • SeatSix's birthday today, happies (was Section 232 seats 3, 4, 5, 6, fuck me I don't remember the row, B20?)
  • I admit: I credited our shitlords for more smarts to brawn proportional than I should, hiring genius algorithmists and tech savvy experts in vermin herding and paying mercenaries for vermin control, ancient shitlord traditions
  • I again recommend the first two of Hilary Mantel's Henry Trilogy for wicked insight into how our shitlords think
  • Blooooger tells me it's update or die, now woooordpress, fucking cops, algorithmists
  • The Babe Ruth album, which is mostly good! has a song called Black Dog, I don't know if album released before or after the Zeppelin album with it's hey hey mama said the way you move gonna make you sweat gonna make you groove Black Dog, but both songs suck, fine metaphors abound



May Swenson

It’s about                    Ball fits
the ball,                      mitt, but
the bat,                       not all                 
and the mitt.             the time.
Ball hits                      Sometimes
bat, or it                     ball gets hit
hits mitt.                    (pow) when bat
Bat doesn’t                meets it,
hit ball,                       and sails
bat meets it.              to a place
Ball bounces             where mitt
off bat, flies               has to quit
air, or thuds              in disgrace.
ground (dud)            That’s about
or it                             the bases
fits mitt.                     loaded,
                                     about 40,000
Bat waits                    fans exploded.
for ball
to mate.                     It’s about
Ball hates                  the ball,
to take bat’s              the bat,
bait. Ball                    the mitt,
flirts, bat’s                 the bases
late, don’t                   and the fans.
keep the date.           It’s done
Ball goes in                on a diamond,
(thwack) to mitt,      and for fun.
and goes out              It’s about
(thwack) back           home, and it’s
to mitt.                       about run.


  1. Row 10.

    Also, "Black Dog" was the absolute depths of the SBOD Zep experience. Makes me break out in hives. However, Bam digs "The Immigrant Song" hugely, and because it makes him so happy, I have come to agree.

  2. 0)i did scroll past the songs, although i stopped in at the wikipedia article - it mentions the alt rock genre shoegazing which i have heard of before in reference to some other of the songs you post here - sometimes i click on them - sometimes i don't

    1)i did read the poem, with pleasure - i read down the left column, then down the right column

    1a)it reminds me of something posted years ago at fafblog!

    (It's a sign.
    On one side is writ;
    Give the gift of grift,
    it takes a raft of graft
    to make a campaign last

    on the other
    Brick licker 4 sale,
    2 grand price
    2 bit tale

    “Oh look'it,” I quip, “your pic, it's on a ticket.”

    Rick flips the brick and real quick licks it. He spits, “Better a boot than a biscuit, to wit - fit ships ship no wicks lit, lit ships ship no wicks quick, pick fit ships, lit ships are sh...”

    Chip's chick, Nicky, interdict's Rick's bit. “Unfit ships ship no fit wicks, you twit, you trick thick hicks with a Koch-sucking schtick. It's not slick, Rick - just Proust et tu Tick!

    by btr3, at October 12, 2011 1:44 AM

    2)also in that same comments column, something that resonates in my cranial cavity with kitchens of distinction -

    Cross-cultural CHEDDAR CHEESE LOAF

    At her blog Everybody Eats Well in Flanders, Miss B. describes herself as "a SAHM from the sunny island of Singapore, currently living in Flanders". The recipes she shares on her blog are an eclectic mix from the Flemish and Chinese traditions, as well as Singaporean home favorites. She writes:

    About this recipe:

    It was a handwritten recipe penned by my dear cousin HC, who painstakingly jotted down many of her tried-and-tested favourite recipes when I visited her last Chinese New Year and asked her to share her baking recipes. She even drew a smiley face besides the recipe, to indicate that this recipe is very good and not to be missed.

    My cousin is a very good baker, her mini huat kueh and cookies are well-known throughout our extended family. She used to bake and bring along a box of homemade cookies whenever we went on overseas trips. I remember we used to munch on her cookies whenever we felt hungry on the plane or when the food in the hotel was not to our liking. Those were the days, how I missed those days...

    Anyway, back to this cheddar cheese loaf. At first I thought the amount of sugar was too much, but after tasting the cake, I was glad I didn't cut down on the sugar. It wasn't too sweet, partly masked by the slightly salty flavour of the cheddar cheese. This cake was really delicious, it was moist and rich and had a mild undertone of cheddar cheese. I especially liked the cheddar cheese bits scattered throughout the cake, they looked so nice and pretty.

    I knew this would probably add a few inches to my expanding waistline, but I simply couldn't resist its heavenly taste. It was so addictive that both my hubby and I, plus my baby son kept on munching on the cake, piece after piece...

    Thank you my dear cousin, for sharing with me such a wonderful recipe!

    250g butter
    230g sugar

    4 eggs

    80g cheddar cheese (finely diced)

    280g flour (sifted)
    100ml milk
    1 tsp baking powder

    1. Cream A until light and creamy.

    2. Add B (one by one) and cream until light and smooth.

    3. Add C and mix until well combined. (Note that the diced cheddar cheese will still remain as it is even after mixing, as it is quite hard.)

    4. Lastly add D and mix until well incorporated. Add flour and milk alternately, starting and ending with flour, and use a spatula to fold carefully into the batter.

    5. Pour into a greased loaf tin (I used a 30 x 11 x 7 cm loaf tin) and bake at 180C for about 50 min, or until a skewer comes out clean.

    6. Once baked, quickly invert the loaf tin on a wire rack and remove the cake. Set it aside and let it cool.

    Miss B.'s last recipe post was in january 2016 - in may 2020 she posted a farewell

  3. May have fixed the Comment issue! Turned on "Cross-site tracking" in Safari Preferences. Now your page recognizes me. That being said, Black Dog sucked; Immigrant Song was okay; but Gallows Pole gave us glimpse of what a great band LZ could've been. And Tangerine showed they actually thought about 'beauty' as a musical concept. So there. My first comment back.
    Now, to complicate matters: Here's a BDR-style both-sidesism: Trump is intentionally flubbing his racist orders because (1) Even though it virtue-signals to his mouth-breathing base, (2) the same shitlords you vaunt won't allow such overt racist bs. Kabuki? Kayfabe?
    There. Let's see if that gets through.
    Oh, and thanks again for the linkages past! As always.

  4. speaking of the aaaargh

    i watched some of The Leader's rally in tulsa last night - i found his masterful pouring of scorn on biden very convincing

    as has been stated in his latest essay by another person of german descent, tom engelhardt [] -

    And here’s the saddest thing of all from my perspective: if those young people now in the streets can’t perform genuine miracles -- and not just when it comes to racism -- if they can’t sooner or later turn their mobilized attention to the planet-destroying side of the American ruling class, then forget about it. This world will be heading into a heat hell.

    That my generation, whether in the form of Donald Trump or Mitch McConnell, would be responsible for turning imperial America into an autocratic-leaning, collapsing semi-democracy, and a first-class world annihilator, I would have found hard to imagine. If you had told me that, half a century into the future, the world’s fate would rest on a presidential election between a genuine madman and something close to a dead man (that, for all we know, may not prove to be an election at all), I would have dismissed you out of hand.

    [emphasis added]

    but you never know when something surprising might happen - there is such a thing as destiny, but we should continue with our own plans - and if they are in accordance with destiny we may reap a rich reward