Thursday, June 4, 2020

shade under the jaws of a dog with a bird in its mouth trotting along to the master's voice

  • I drove Arlington from Old Georgetown to Bradley yesterday 
  • Bethesda boarded-up, Apple store, Urban Something, gourmet wine shop
  • the CVS at corner of Arlington and Bradley not only boarded-up but had minimum wage Security Officers in (unintentional irony) yellow vests guarding its plywood doors
  • WTOP (with its new sound identity, so jarring I forget already the old sound identity) broke news of hundreds of rampaging high school kids Black Lives Mattering traffic at Bradley and Wisconsin two days ago at four in the afternoon
  • The carnage and destruction wrought
  • I thought about taking a photo of the cowardice of property and its landlords but fuck that, here's Fleabus yesterday

  • Speaking of cowards, our pantspissing emperor
  • Motherfucking cops
  • State monopoly on violence
  • Motherfucking cops 
  • Our future: restored neoliberalism or hybrid neofascism
  • Higher Education in the Age of Coronavirus
  • Mid-June, plague-wise, end of June
  • Tom Cotton yesterday auditioned for Emperor
  • *this* aspiring sociopaths' psychopath I am telling you three times YES AGAIN! *This* motherfucker
  • Quo Vadis?
  • Pelosi tried to out Bible the Pants-pissing King because its always decorum, never policy
  • Race trick, virus trick, science trick, whoosh
  • Counterinsurgency: dousing the flames of Minneapolis 
  • American virus
  • Six principles of Kingian nonviolence
  • White people to the front
  • On Ammons' great Garbage (h/t Charley): For American poetry, Garbage has removed the nature poem from whatever the category “nature poem” inaugurates in the imaginations of readers. Unlike the America that Walt Whitman heard singing, unlike the voices Frost heard arguing behind a door, Ammons returns us to our community of waste-makers. For the nearly thirty years of poetry that have followed the publication of Garbage, Ammons translated that American landscape into a symbology applied by us, a community of trash lovers, everyone who built the temple of garbage as a gesture towards posterity. Ammons writes in the last section: “celestial // garbage is so far the highest evidence of our / existence here,” and again with his particularly discomfiting wit, he points to the making of his poem as a mechanical artifact; Garbage, of course, is evidence that Ammons was here, and my reading his poem is hopeful evidence that I am here too.
  • It occurs to me I haven't read in a couple of year, I can see it on my shelf if my office
  • HEY! Mr Alarum has a new album!
  • The obvious XTC song for this post


Anne Carson


  1. This is pretty funny, Susan Rice says the Russians are behind it all:

    These are the intelligent people that rule over us. See, they know things we don't know like the Russians are behind it, which I never would have thought of myself so it's a good thing we have smart people like Rice to show the way.

    The good news is when I was out yesterday most people were wearing masks. When I went to the vet to get Teddy's medicine at the beginning of the Covid crap the people there thought it was a big joke. This last time they were instructing people to stay in their car and phone in and the vets or whoever would come out to help them. Smart move.

    I'll say it again and you can call me anything you want, just don't aske me what a I think of you, the people encouraging violence are assholes. Not only are they assholes but they are stupid assholes.

  2. 0)that's a good looking photo of a good looking but slightly scary cat

    0.2)missus charley and i were talking about our dear departed feline companions earlier this week - she had her retinas closely examined on tuesday and it was determined one has a scar on it - possibly from toxoplasmosis, it was suggested

    1)ann carson's shade by the ice cream truck reminds me of the popsicles i bought for a nickel from a truck the summer i was six - banana, root beer, grape, orange - the house we lived in is still there although the trees in the front yard are gone - they were maple trees and this is maple street, by the way - $487,180 is the zestimate of the house's current market value

    2)last week canada's minister of health said in an interview that the experts are telling her about the pandemic 'this is not the big one - this is the dress rehearsal for the big one' - there's a sobering thought

    3)the latest issue of the new yorker has an article about my distant cousin henry wadsworth longfellow - what is there to love about longfellow? he was the most revered poet of his day - it's worth trying to figure out why

    there's also an audio version of the essay available - it's half an hour long

    4)the website 'familyfriendpoems' identifies longfellow's nine most popular poems as

    A Psalm of Life
    The Children's Hour
    Christmas Bells
    The Arrow and the Song
    The Cross of Snow
    My Lost Youth
    Afternoon in February
    Paul Revere's Ride

    1. Lordy, weird days me and/or blaggger, where it went and why anyway, Fleabus

  3. Carson poem I didn't know an unexpected prize in the package I got Meyer's *Memory* the slip of paper with poems and collages by wow others in a crisp yellow envelope, so cood,*Memory* gorgeous

  4. speaking of the aargh - earlier this week the daily mail ran this headline

    Hope Hicks is blamed for peaceful protesters being teargassed for Donald Trump's bible-waving show of strength after president raged at revelation he hid in his bunker - and top Republican decries 'abuse of power'

    my comment -

    the motto of the state of kansas, where i lived as a child, is 'ad astra per aspera' - to the stars through difficulties - and whatever difficulties we are experiencing in the u.s. which may seem to be stumbling blocks are actually stepping stones towards a more perfect union and a new era in which peace, justice, and the american way will flourish as never before

    sometimes i am not completely candid in my comments there - i hope it will work out that way and i think there is some chance of it but it's sort of like singing 'we shall overcome someday' - you need a broad understanding of 'someday' and of 'we'

    1. You'll have thoughts on the Mont.County cyclist?

    2. Just woke up to the news, and it turns out...... he's from my neighborhood! and the neighborhood listserv is abuzz with PLEASE PROTEST IN FRONT OF HIS HOUSE! advocates arguing with PLEASE LETS NOT POLITICIZE OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! advocates

      I've seen the mugshot, I don't recognize him (though I bet we've passed each other on Rock Creek Trail many times)

      His lawyers' statements follow the standard "he's mortified at his behavior and will seek counseling for the underlying anger issues," and sure, maybe, fuck him