Thursday, June 25, 2020

The Spastic Clicking of Jerked Knees

  • My mother would have been 86 today
  • My family packs Father's Day, SeatSix's birthday, my mother's birthday, my parents' anniversary, Earthgirl and my anniversary, my father's birthday into five weeks, first time through without my mother, first time through in time of plague
  • So that and the end of the academic year (and anxiety about the academic year ahead)
  • To make matters worse,  at work plague has revealed to those above my immediate report that I'm valuable, especially on projects directly related to the plague, I was invisible when present in the building before the plague and am now visible if not in the building because of the plague, I don't mind the work, I hate the zoom but more something I can't type here, I shouldn't have typed this, and won't write in tablet

  • Also too the viral Obama and Biden video praising GWB for civility while Bill Barr openly - openly - energetically works to create a police state
  • , while... etc, I...
  • I finished the rereads of first two of Mantel's Cromwell trilogy and finding myself unable to stop thinking about the new third I started reading it, I can't unsee the twenty pages, not bad, just not now, digest the first two first
  • mentioned because (Cromwell had something on everyone even if it was only his thumb) I can't help think Bill Barr when I read Mantel's Cromwell, I wonder if Barr's read all three, sees (a textbook) the resemblance I see, knows the ending of the third
  • For the blanks above the Noveller, think that gag I ran for a week when typing about motherfucking professional Democrats.
  • My apologies, I hope to unclog and reblog as the plague cog I am, a return to aggressively angry aggravating aggregator soon, or at least by the end of June


Tom Clark

Always behind my back I hear
The spastic clicking of jerked knees
And other automatic reactions
Tracking me through the years to where
Time’s winged chariot is double
Parked near the eternity frontier
And in such moments I want to participate
In human life less and less
But when I do the obligatory double take
And glance behind me into the dark green future
All I see stretching out are vast
Arizona republics of more


  1. Sorry to hear about your mother. There was a cryptic notice earlier I missed, or didn't comprehend. Mine's 86 as of June 1. Publishing her 5th book this summer. This was my second father's day without mine. It gets easier.

    1. She died on Christmas Day 2019. I've alluded to it sort of but this first time (I think) I've typed it out loud.

      I feel guilty it's been so easy, but the person who was my mother left for good two years before her body did, so the mourning had already played out.

  2. 1)fireworks as psy ops - is this what's really happening? it seems that SOMETHING is happening

    2)rachel maddow and lawrence o'donnell were chatting the other evening - they agreed 'it's hard to plan stuff these days'