Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Bubbles Band Against Each Other

It took until Tuesday morning but activating the Napoleon Emergency Alert System!

Reliable cat guy hasn't seen him, I take no chances

Meanwhile, in My Complicity

  • Last night's sunset from Seal Cove
  • I am happy, Earthgirl is happy
  • The Napoleon Emergency Alert System activated, plague rampant, Brownshirts brownshirting, Bookkeeper, who promised not to bookkeeper me on vacation, bookkeepers me, I am happy, fine metaphors *teem* in My Complicity
  • Earthgirl on South Bubble yesterday


Kay Ryan

Like hope
it springs
existing in
discrete but
units, a
mist of total
but encapsulated
events. If
any two of
these bubbles
bang against
each other no
walls collapse
or double to
a larger chamber
unlike the halls
of soap.

1 comment:

  1. Outstanding framing in that shot. Makes EarthGirl look taller than the trees. One of the many reasons I respect her moral authority without question.