Friday, August 21, 2020

Assassin-Bug Secretion Secretion Assassin-Bug

  • If you're reading this you might be a conspiracy theorist
  • Reminder: it is entirely possible that the threat of covid is genuinely real and dangerous *and* entirely probable that threat is being vectored by our shitlords to strategically and lavishly leverage their shittiness to increase their net shittiness
  • (they often hire Democrats for wet work)
  • This was always the plan


Jackson Mac Low

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Animal survive. Survive. Animal survive. Survive. Injects no survive.

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notoriety. Sweeping

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A specialized specialized a specialized specialized its needle.

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Assassin-bug secretion secretion assassin-bug secretion secretion
is nontoxic secretion

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ANCHORING snake, snake, ANCHORING snake, snake, I
needle-like snake,

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Attributed sap; sap; attributed sap; sap; insecticide? Needs. Sap;

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Accordingly seconds. Seconds. Accordingly seconds. Seconds.
Insects numbing seconds.


  1. I'm not a conspiracy theorist (not about the current situation, anyway), but in my work-related discussions the question that never quite went away is "Funny, isn't it, what this virus can do, and how well it flies under the diagnostic radar? And which populations it hits harder than others?" No one has gone on to say 'almost as if it had been engineered', because that's actual crazy talk -- but we're thinking it...

  2. after reading laurent dubreuil's essay nonconforming i discovered that he had recently done a book with sue savage-rumbaugh and then i found a downloadable paper she co-authored

    from the early part of this paper:

    But apes can come to know themselves and human children can come to know themselves. Both species are able to become aware that they have individual minds with knowledge, thoughts and experiences that are not identical. Thus they and we make deliberate intentional gestures which we employ to tell each other about the contents of our minds. These can be as simple as “show me more of your pictures” or “do you want to see this one?” These gestures can become “signs” or “symbols” that are much more complex as in “Do you want to watch the video we saw yesterday?” Or “Shall we make a new video for Kanzi?”. Of course those in the field of ape language have been attempting to tell us that apes have these capacities since the 70’s. But linguists have vociferously objected. Wanting language to fall within the domain of humans alone, linguists have found reason after reason to claim whatever apes are doing, it cannot be language.