Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Bull as a Hilltop Billboard

  • Today marks 30 full years at Hilltop University, half my life, successfully still nobody there (true, trust me, true, on purpose)
  • If Earthgirl hadn't seen the help-wanted in the Washington Post classified and insisted once, insisted twice, insisted three times I call for an interview our timeline would be completely different, happy, hopefully, too, not an Enterprise C going back through the time rift to certain destruction by Romulans timeline, happy, hopefully, too, but Planet-less
  • Reminds me of my second favorite Stanley Elkin paragraph, this from *The Franchiser*
Ben, everything there is is against your being here! Think of get-togethers, family stuff, golden anniversaries in rented halls, fire regulation celebrated more in the breach than the observance, the baked Alaska up in flames, everybody wiped out - all the cousins in from coasts, wiped out. Rare, yes - who says not - certainly rare, but it could happen, has happened. And once is enough if you've been invited. All the people picked off by plagues and folks eaten by earthquakes and drowned in the tidal waves, all the people already dead that you might have been or who might have begat the girl who married the guy who fathered the fellow who might have been your ancestor - all the showers of sperm that dried on his Kleenex or spilled on his sheets or fell on the ground or dirtied his hands when he jerked off or came in his p.j.'s or no, maybe he was actually screwing and the spermatozoon had your number written on it and it was lost at sea because that's what happens, you see - there's low motility and torn tails - that's what happens to all but a handful out of all the googols and gallons of come, more sperm finally than even the grains of sand I was talking about, more even than the degrees. Well - am I making the picture for you? Am I connecting the dots? Ben, Ben, Nick the Greek wouldn't lay a fart against a trillion bucks that you'd ever make it to this planet!
  • Discovered yesterday there's a new The Necks album


Jennifer Barber

I don’t want to see it coming
like late summer roses waiting to bloom
or a highway I remember in Spain,
a giant black cutout bull
as a hilltop billboard.
Instead let me be half asleep,
the Never and Forever twins,
one in a brown dress, one in blue,
steeped in the shadows of my room,
the air replacing my breath
with flow and husk, and then the sound.
Let me leave each twin a gift:
a milky quartz on the night table,
my worn gold wedding ring.

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  1. 1)speaking of hilltop - my youngest nephew is a recent graduate of a nearby high school named for a 19th century american poet, and has been admitted to hilltop - but this fall he will continue to live at home with his parental unit and sibling, and take his classes online -

    what a bringdown

    here's pete zolli's multitracked cover of the cream song of that name - with subtitles

    2)and speaking of bringdowns - during the campaign both the presidential and vice presidential nominees spoke of ending fossil fuel subsidies, and yet somehow that policy position gets dropped from the party platform - i wish you hadn't linked to that story from 'common dreams' because you are harshing the mellow of the well-produced dnc show - you have reminded me that the nominees are not primarily decision-makers, but rather spokesmodels

    oh well - this glass is three-sixteenths full