Saturday, August 8, 2020

One Man Loves But Is Not Loved in Return by the Object

  • I'm reading Nicholson Baker's *Baseless* on American shitlord evil and how shitlords keep their henchpersons' secrets in general and American development and use of biological weapons secret in particular, here's a list of animals killed in gruesome experiments as America's biological warfare research first ramped-up during World War 2

  • Wait til you read what they did to American citizens *after* WW2
  • Duh, yes, but useful duh because (a) you should also read Baker's *Human Smoke* for more excellent thinking and writing on our shitlords and how you and I (but, more importantly, more precariously, not me but my daughter and any children she has) are walking sausage, (b) a reminder shitlords were killing citizens long before this plague, (c) we will never know how much we were poisoned in this or any plague and (d) which of us was deliberately poisoned more, (e) and are still deliberately poisoned more, (f) if I can read this non-fiction book and read what was done to animals I think at least three more years added before I even think of reading Moby Dick again, (g) much of southwest America will be uninhabitable in fifty years unless you own a luxury missile silo, (h) consider too our shitlords' equal or greater investment and deployment of psychological warfare because (i) am telling you three times we are *always* being reprogrammed, (j) eff, (k) what would you have them do to my George, not Earthgirl's George, the first Georgetown professor to adopt me, he called me *nephew,* I called him *uncle,* dead twenty years, asked me, told me, the assholiest understand assholism, my George, the hobbesianist beloved of my life, (l) herd immunity, open a new doc, type herd immunity, read it until it's not English, (m) beloved Mr Alarum (congratulations, union), why didn't you tell me you were back on twwwtr? (n) *Human Smoke* on how the FDR/Churchill baited WW2 to end the depression, (o)f course rationale, labor force saved by mushrooms more effective short term than BW, (p) and boom, (q) er me, fat off the generation of cattle fattened by shitlords post WW2 profit, (r) I also recommend Nicholson Baker's novels, especially *The Mezzanine* if you fixate on objects like I do, (s) but remember, our shitlords will kill you for profit even if that profit is only the pennies a day to keep you kenneled, (t) there is never shitlord benevolence, you are nothing but cattle, yo(u), waiting for motherfucking Democrats to save you, motherfucking Democrats are the electric fence around your drought-stricken pasture drying and dying because of our shitlords' fossil fuel profiting, (v) Maryland's Department of Natural Resources regularly twaats out advice on the best places that day to torture and kill animals for giggle, e(x)actly to remind you our shitlords will torture and kill you not only (but primarily) for profit but for giggle, wh(y) my complicity taken for granted by shitlords, (z) fuck me


Matthea Harvey
Pity the bathtub that belongs to the queen its feet
Are bronze casts of the former queen’s feet its sheen
A sign of fretting is that an inferior stone shows through
Where the marble is worn away with industrious
Polishing the tub does not take long it is tiny some say
Because the queen does not want room for splashing
The maid thinks otherwise she knows the king
Does not grip the queen nightly in his arms there are
Others the queen does not have lovers she obeys
Her mother once told her your ancestry is your only
Support then is what she gets in the bathtub she floats
Never holds her nose and goes under not because
She might sink but because she knows to keep her ears
Above water she smiles at the circle of courtiers below
Her feet are kicking against walls which cannot give
Satisfaction at best is to manage to stay clean
Pity the bathtub its forced embrace of the whims of
One man loves but is not loved in return by the object
Of his affection there is little to tell of his profession
There is more for it is because he works with glass
That he thinks things are clear (he loves) and adjustable
(she does not love) he knows how to take something
Small and hard and hot and make room for
His breath quickens at night as he dreams of her he wants
To create a present unlike any other and because he cannot
Hold her he designs something that can a bathtub of
Glass shimmers red when it is hot he pours it into the mold
In a rush of passion only as it begins to cool does it reflect
His foolishness enrages him he throws off his clothes meaning
To jump in and lie there but it is still too hot and his feet propel
Him forward he runs from one end to the other then falls
To the floor blisters begin to swell on his soft feet he watches
His pain harden into a pretty pattern on the bottom of the bath
Pity the bathtub its forced embrace of the human
Form may define external appearance but there is room
For improvement within try a soap dish that allows for
Slippage is inevitable as is difference in the size of
The subject may hoard his or her bubbles at different
Ends of the bathtub may grasp the sponge tightly or
Loosely it may be assumed that eventually everyone gets in
The bath has a place in our lives and our place is
Within it we have control of how much hot how much cold
What to pour in how long we want to stay when to
Return is inevitable because we need something
To define ourselves against even if we know that
Whenever we want we can pull the plug and get out
Which is not the case with our own tighter confinement
Inside the body oh pity the bathtub but pity us too

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  1. oh pity the bathtub but pity us too

    the five contemplations attributed to buddha are that everyone is subject to aging illness death separation from the things and people we love and reaping the consequences of our good and evil actions

    this is the future we got to live it or live with it and when the time comes get out of the way

    life flows on within you and without you