Monday, August 17, 2020

The Untimely Death of Porch Furniture

  • I replay Trump's reaction after asked why he lies
  • He doesn't think he lies when the words leave his unmasked mouth
  • If what he thinks at any split second is his truth does he break kayfabe?
  • Is and does our shitlords' verbs
  • him dim, shitlord enabled
  • I am, according to my complicit kindle, 32% through Hillary Mantel's third of three Cromwells
  • It came out past July, I've been reading it five fucking centuries
  • Shitlords, why am I reading another novel about
  • shitlords oh that's right every novel every poem every song every painting every anything of faith is a shitfling against
  • shitlords

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James Tate

Jim just loves to garden, yes he does.
He likes nothing better than to put on
his little overalls and his straw hat.
He says, "Let's go get those tools, Jim."
But then doubt begins to set in.
He says, "What is a garden, anyway?"
And thoughts about a "modernistic" garden
begin to trouble him, eat away at his resolve.
He stands in the driveway a long time.
"Horticulture is a groping in the dark
into the obscure and unfamiliar,
kneeling before a disinterested secret,
slapping it, punching it like a Chinese puzzle,
birdbrained, babbling gibberish, dig and
destroy, pull out and apply salt,
hoe and spray, before it spreads, burn roots,
where not desired, with gloved hands, poisonous,
the self-sacrifice of it, the self-love,
into the interior, thunderclap, excruciating,
through the nose, the earsplitting necrology
of it, the withering, shriveling,
the handy hose holder and Persian insect powder
and smut fungi, the enemies of the iris,
wireworms are worse than their parents,
there is no way out, flowers as big as heads,
pock-marked, disfigured, blinking insolently
at me, the me who so loves to garden
because it prevents the heaving of the ground
and the untimely death of porch furniture,
and dark, murky days in a large city
and the dream home under a permanent storm
is also a factor to keep in mind."

1 comment:

  1. while i have bought books that ian welsh recommended, and even sent him money, i cannot agree with his condemnation of lesser-evilism

    i agree with bernie's remarks at the virtual convention last night

    i remember a new yorker cartoon from the twentieth century - a guy is sitting on a bar stool pointing to a glass on the counter in front of him

    the way i see it, this glass is three-sixteenths full

    to put it another way -

    q. how is joe biden as a presidential candidate?
    a. compared to what?

    may the creative forces of the universe stand beside us and guide us through the night with the light from above - metaphorically speaking