Saturday, September 12, 2020

and the loneliness you love, and the universe that loves you specifically, maybe

  • I'm writing well now, by which I mean I enjoy writing of a sudden
  • I'm typing, not inking in tablet in almost a month
  • I'm writing well now typing, not surprised how fast my guilt over abandoning ink and tablet evaporated, surprised to notice I knew ink and tablet haven't been in backpack in a week but I just noticed now
  • Valuable self-reminder: just because I think I am writing well doesn't mean I am writing well enough for most people to want to read what I write, but giving up ink and tablets makes me more accountable to myself as a reader of what I write when I say I think I'm writing well
  • I submitted the late August haikus as the one poem they are to Rattle on the recommendation of a friend, Rattle says I should get their No! in six months, this the only submission I'm gonna, and thank you E
  • John Martyn born 72 years ago yesterday:

  • Reminder that Democrats are not screaming SUPREME COURT! SUPREME COURT! this election cycle either 
  • The emperor's new rules: The latest manifestation of a decadent meritocracy cult that preaches, with little evidence, that the only way to crack low-growth capitalism is with overworked talent, ruthless conformity, contingent policies, rule by fear, and money as the solution to all problems
  • Costs of male entitlement
  • Another RIP Diana Rigg
  • Daniel's last show, at least for awhile, sometimes I hate WFMU, they killed four of my favorite shows for the new season (all four DJs confirmed they didn't jump, they were pushed), this breaks my heart
  • Two lost Gillian Welch songs
  • Arvo Part 85th birthday yesterday


Franz Wright

You are riding the bus again
burrowing into the blackness of Interstate 80,
the sole passenger

with an overhead light on.
And I am with you.
I’m the interminable fields you can’t see,

the little lights off in the distance
(in one of those rooms we are
living) and I am the rain

and the others all
around you, and the loneliness you love,
and the universe that loves you specifically, maybe,

and the catastrophic dawn,
the nicotine crawling on your skin—
and when you begin

to cough I won’t cover my face,
and if you vomit this time I will hold you:
everything’s going to be fine

I will whisper.
It won’t always be like this.
I am going to buy you a sandwich.


  1. I'm still surprised every Wednesday afternoon at three when Irwin doesn't come on. And I miss regular editions of The Long Rally something fierce.

    1. I recognize that when a favorite DJ of mine got a start some other DJ got shanked and that DJ's fans were distraught, it's the nature of change at WFMU, but the one's shanked in the past few years - World of Echo, Miniature Minotaurs, Imaginary Radio, Long Rally (though I could do without the ten minute Moncur at start of every show), Diane Kamikaze, Brian Turner, Gateway to Joy, Irene Trudel, I just don't understand.

    2. I did hear that Irwin wasn't shanked, much, mostly self-wrought. And at least they brought Scott back to take that Wednesday 3-6.

    3. I like hearing that about Irwin. And we at least have Irene on the Give the Drummer feed. I find myself using archives to fill in when I'm not so crazy about the current show. I save up Avant Ghettos, Shrunken Planets, and Serious Moonlight Sonatas for that purpose.

  2. in other news, tulsi gabbard has tweeted that netflix film 'cuties' - original title mignonnes - is child porn and "will certainly whet the appetite of pedophiles & help fuel the child sex trafficking trade"

    an interview with the auteure makes it clear that is not her intention

    Why I Made Cuties | Maïmouna Doucouré Interview | Netflix]

    there's a song titled 'sometimes i don't know what to feel' - here todd sings it at daryl's house

  3. david frum says bob woodward's most recent book shows that he identified and exploited trump's vulnerabilities - Woodward evidently realized that he was dealing with a chump, a sucker, a patsy, a galoot—the schmendrick of all schmendricks

    something else frum has written has personal relevance to me - frum is a dual canadian/u.s. citizen, as i hope to be - crossing from canada to the u.s. recently he observed certain differences -