Thursday, September 10, 2020

Mrs Peel, We're Needed

Rest in peace, Diana Rigg, my first and still crush. The first of two Emma Peel Avengers seasons, the one in black and white, my favorite television show of all time, easily my most often watched and rewatched, including last week

I used to tap this into blaaager all the time, I remember exactly where I was when I saw color television for the very first time (my mother's sister's house in Irwin, the show was the Flintstones), I was six, until then only black and white, the toggling of black and white to color television has haunted my imagination, my viewing, my reading, my writing, a before and after watershed since I was six until tomorrow


  1. She'd not been a hue
    the time they invited him
    to meet the Flintstones

    1. "A very dry Martini, with an Emma Peel."
      (Rim Shot)

  2. An absolute icon, up through and including her devastating turn on Game of Thrones. Here's some cool stuff I found on Twilightzone comment board for your entertainment:

    "Here is some music that was inspired by her.

    Orange Party ‎– Emma Peel
    EP Italy 1919 Electronic House

    The Allies ‎– Emma Peel
    12" Vinyl 5 tracks
    New Wave, Indie Rock
    Year: 1983

    Slot ‎– Emma Peel / Jagernaut
    Indie Rock 1992 single

    Emma Peel [Band] ) ‎– Play Emma For Me
    Album 1996 Blues Rock, Garage Rock
    Vinyl Single 1996 'Lava Lamp'
    Emma Peel [Band - Netherlands] ‎– Emma Peel [Album]v Rock 2001

    The Emma Peel Advocates
    All-female pop punk band from Ohio
    One album [Dead Life] and a track '

    2 Videos

    Emma Peel by The Allies


    The Avengers - Short Skirt, Long Jacket [Emma Peel]

  3. Can remember seeing the first Avengers episodes in the early 60's; it took four years for Mrs Peel to appear; I was disgruntled by the appearance of Tara King as her replacement: Well, fuck that; and Emma Peel forever.

    A little less than 20 years later, on a PAnAm flight from Sydney to Honolulu (I was transporting a prisoner from India to San Diego and, for whatever reason, we were put in first class) found myself across the aisle from Patrick Macnee: Gracious and a sense of humor.

    1. I love love love Honor Blackman's Cathy Gale years.I wish I could find a DVD of the first season, I've only seen a few episodes of that.

      I always felt bad for Linda Thorson. She had to follow Rigg, and the writing (which was already declining in the second half of Emma Peel's color season) got sillier, and then there was Mother. Still, it was better than most of what was on.

  4. There are DVDs of the individual Seasons (and yes, 2 and 3) available over at Jeffy's sweatshop. If you want to feel less an enabler of his desire for More, look on EBay for "The AVENGERS 63 Collection Set 2 Two DVD 2000 (2 Disc Set) [Region 1] NTSC".

    1. Bad English by me. I have the Cathy Gale, it's the Steel alone season I lack, I'll look

    2. Steed, not steel, of course