Friday, September 4, 2020

First All Belief Is Paradise

  • The people you vote for over the people you hate more work for the people you hate more's bosses
  • No shitlord told Pelosi to get her hair cut
  • Against *the* existential threat to truth, justice, and the American way of life motherfucking Democrats demand I vote for a shitlord stool who before his disqualifying (in a time of existential threat) cognitive decline (if you are serious about the existential threat) was the brilliant Senator from MasterCard, as personally responsible for the student debt scheme as any elected official, and personally responsible for piggifying the criminal code
  • but HE'S NOTTRUMP! (sic) (TM) 
  • and cute as a creepy grandpa and won't make people daily reckon the consequences of living in a shithole country built on slavery and genocide 
  • Psst, our shitlords' rent extraction racket's actuaries - psst, Joe Biden's people've signaled, fuck yeah, take BLCKDGRD's social security money he's paid into the last 40 years until Joe Biden's people signaled no he didn't after two days of polling - our shitlords' racket's actuaries psst, Hurry
  • Joe when he was lucid greased the skid rows, his spokespeople promising he will continue to to the best of his dementia, and HE'S NOTTRUMP!
  • The people you vote for over the people you hate more work for the people you hate more's bosses, the people you vote for over the people you hate more's job is to guarantee the people you hate more win


Lisa Robertson

First all belief is paradise. So pliable a medium. A time not very long. A transparency caused. A conveyance of rupture. A subtle transport. Scant and rare. Deep in the opulent morning, blissful regions, hard and slender. Scarce and scant. Quotidian and temperate. Begin afresh in the realms of the atmosphere, that encompasses the solid earth, the terraqueous globe that soars and sings, elevated and flimsy. Bright and hot. Flesh and hue. Our skies are inventions, durations, discoveries, quotas, forgeries, fine and grand. Fine and grand. Fresh and bright. Heavenly and bright. The day pours out space, a light red roominess, bright and fresh. Bright and oft. Bright and fresh. Sparkling and wet. Clamour and tint. We range the spacious fields, a battlement trick and fast. Bright and silver. Ribbons and failings. To and fro. Fine and grand. The sky is complicated and flawed and we’re up there in it, floating near the apricot frill, the bias swoop, near the sullen bloated part that dissolves to silver the next instant bronze but nothing that meaningful, a breach of greeny-blue, a syllable, we’re all across the swathe of fleece laid out, the fraying rope, the copper beech behind the aluminum catalpa that has saved the entire spring for this flight, the tops of these a part of the sky, the light wind flipping up the white undersides of leaves, heaven afresh, the brushed part behind, the tumbling. So to the heavenly rustling. Just stiff with ambition we range the spacious trees in earnest desire sure and dear. Brisk and west. Streaky and massed. Changing and appearing. First and last. This was made from Europe, formed from Europe, rant and roar. Fine and grand. Fresh and bright. Crested and turbid. Silver and bright. This was spoken as it came to us, to celebrate and tint, distinct and designed. Sure and dear. Fully designed. Dear afresh. So free to the showing. What we praise we believe, we fully believe. Very fine. Belief thin and pure and clear to the title. Very beautiful. Belief lovely and elegant and fair for the footing. Very brisk. Belief lively and quick and strong by the bursting. Very bright. Belief clear and witty and famous in impulse. Very stormy. Belief violent and open and raging from privation. Very fine. Belief intransigent after pursuit. Very hot. Belief lustful and eager and curious before beauty.Very bright. Belief intending afresh. So calmly and clearly. Just stiff with leaf sure and dear and appearing and last. With lust clear and scarce and appearing and last and afresh.


  1. some may not be surprised that i am quoting lesser-evilists again - specifically norman solomon and jeff cohen

    Our point now is to tell you that Trump really could win again—and progressives must do everything in our power to stop that from happening. That means, individually and collectively, going all-out to Vote Trump Out. Crucially, in swing states, that means voting Joe Biden in.

    We have no illusions about Biden, who has faithfully served neoliberal corporatism throughout his political career. At the same time, we have no illusions about the neofascist elements of the Trump presidency or the virulent extremism of much of his political base.

    That’s why, in recent weeks, the two of us have helped launch a campaign to “#VoteTrumpOut (in Swing States) / Then Challenge Biden from Day One.”

  2. relevant to the topic area of all belief - earlier during this holiday weekend nominally in honour of the labouring classes i was reading from daniel ingram's mastering the core teachings of the buddha: an unusually hardcore dharma book - revised and expanded edition and in one of the earlier chapters ingram emphasizes the very basic underlying importance of grasping the Three Characteristics of impermanence, suffering, and no-self

    thinking back half a century to the jokes we would tell around the cafeteria lunch table in high school, i thought of one that could be adapted to this -

    buddhist: people tend to take things too personally
    non-buddhist: no i don't

    to be clear, i do not call myself a buddhist - i consider myself a believing unitarian, and hypothetically a member of the imaginary community of the sentient beings unitarian universalist association - as expressed in a saying ralph waldo emerson may have found thought-provoking - i am the vine, you are the branches