Monday, September 7, 2020

Seer and Swimmer in Our Experience of Plunging

  • Meet Birdclock 
  • (I know, first instinct to Clockbird) 
  • I just met Birdclock yesterday, I mowed the yard Saturday morning, Birdclock was not standing where Earthgirl found Birdclock Sunday morning, between Dogduck and our amazing Fuck Yeah cherry tree

  • Was it one of you? I can think of five of you who could've, might've (and a mess more of you who could've but wouldn't've)
  • Kindness! thanks to whomever
  • (I think it's someone from neighborhood, I like imagining it the guy who stole one of Earthgirl's two life-size plastic model mountain goat years ago paying back)
  • and *thank you!* for honoring our identity as the crazy cat people with crazy cat people garden statuary
  • Here, photo just now of the goat not stolen


Forrest Gander

Our eye goes past the hieroglyphic tree to the swimmer
carving a wake in the water. And almost to the railroad bridge
from which the swimmer might have dived. Then, as though
come to the end of its tether,
our gaze returns, pulling toward the blemish
on the surface of the print. An L-shaped chemical dribble,
it sabotages the scene’s transparence
and siphons off its easy appeal.
At the same time, the blemish
joins together the realms
of seer and swimmer
in our experience of plunging
into and out of the image.


  1. birdclock seems to be a worthy companion to duckdog, to judge from the photos

    that's a photo of a good looking goat* statue

    that's an eloquent labour day graph you link to

    *and speaking of goats, a deluxe reissue of the 'goats head soup' album from the rolling stones got an extensive review from variety magazine a few days ago, with a piquantly paranoid comment from a reader who seems to think the entertainment industry has political objectives


    September 6, 2020 at 8:35 pm

    ALLL mass entertainment now stands revealed as being 100% INTEL engineered, directed and RUN.

    ALLLL mass entertainers are from the lines – -on board – -spooks working an assigned angle of the project.

    And Tavistock mind control – -Rockefeller n’ Roll – -even more so.

    With its shameless pump of the Gates–Rockefeller –police state– EUGENICS roll out

    –aka– – CV 19 –

    -these spooks have blown whatever cover they still had.

    Refusing to break ranks and come clean ? – -at a time like this – ?

    UT – -UH– –

    nevertheless, as robert louis stevenson observed -

    the world is so full
    of a number of things
    i'm sure we should all
    be as happy as kings

  2. I, too, recently had cause to think of The Residents.