Monday, September 28, 2020

That Is Why Mammals Engage in Breath, Ceramics, Politics

  • The New York Times published an article confirming duh 
  • Trump is a tax evader and financial criminal
  • So the fuck what, not a single mind changed, not a single vote switched
  • Earthgirl and I hiked Catoctin yesterday, it's started, this Fall, already in the trees, at my feet, gonna be great

  • As I type this sentence I won't watch or listen to Tuesday's debate
  • The NYT article declares Trump a tax cheat and financial loser, loser, loser
  • Didn't everyone know this and still he's President of the United States
  • People say he's stupid, as in not very bright
  • I say he's ignorant of anything that can't help him win zero-sum games
  • and then he's not brilliant but a relentless idiot savant asshole with a keen bulldozer's understanding that full asshole or useless asshole his only two paths and he chooses full asshole each and every time about every fucking thing and his reward is his ability to say, I'm the motherfucking President of the United State, and you're a loser
  • Fellow motherfuckers, this enhances his brand and portfolio to his devout


G.C. Waldrep

Most things have hidden roots, why not piety, that crow’s wing.
I bought a card at the shop, mailed it to my brother.
He asked nothing of me. Did you imagine some greater riddle,
then. A spindle whorl. A spool. Dog rose in flower at the Tywi’s
edge. You may make an image if you like. The sheep do it.
Ants do it in and through their labors, their chemical mazes.
It is time, my friend said, to reckon our exhaustion, to tote it up.
That is, after all, what math is for, its foolproof schematic.
Dig deep into the eye, the saints advise. They remember time
but no longer understand it. I remember
the single crow drinking from the ancient well, that startled
as I drew near. This happened in time, its plague of roots
undermining every present motive. Here are some things
other people do inside buildings, give or take a thousand years—
is what I wrote my friend. The dedicated space
inside the chancel was very small. Whether to construct
a larger chancel was debated, and then rejected. Because,
it was argued, the dead lie sleeping there, in their natural forms.
It is easy to forgive measure: the wild garlic, the devastated
bluebells in the wood. My bruised ribs seek a shelter—
other than the body, I mean. Once, I talked in my sleep.
Now I watch workmen clear the failed plantation of everything
that resembles glass. I count, as every beast must, the flecks
of ash that fall upon my pelt. I was surprised, my teacher-
friend confessed, by how few children knew the name of that
old war. I am surprised by dog’s mercury, pink campion,
bird’s-nest fern at the path’s clean edge. You can draw a town
on any map. Imagine the people who live there, what they stow
in their gardens, their medical anomalies, their sports teams.
Just the same we are never very far from an altar, here.
One can be very precise about worship, about the intensity
of the sun and other light that travels further to rest
within our cells, to mimic rest. The family arguing in Welsh
is not part of the permanent display, the docent clarified.
Remember the children’s inflatable birthday pavilion
stripped of its gaudy hexachords. Perceptible matter goes a long
way toward explaining the universe, but never far enough.
That is why mammals engage in breath, ceramics, politics.
We are all guests at the Festival of the Senses:
some of us blindfolded, some of us the dispensers of blindfolds.
No one comes here to the lichen throne (which seats four)
except the aging groundsmen with their scythes.
Their tattoos remind them of other, distant loyalties, past loves.
As do mine, but mine are all, in the conventional sense, scars.


  1. 1)missus charley will not watch the candidates debate tonight - i intend to do so - who knows if it's good or bad

    1a)my younger brother spoke to my older brother by phone last week - the older brother has not decided whether to vote for trump again, or for biden, or to sit it out - this brother is a texan so there is a little bit of suspense about how his state/district will go, unlike we two dmv bros - i make no attempt to influence my texan brother's opinions - he is soaked in fox news and bible-believing facebook friends - as jesus allegedly said father forgive them they don't know wtf they're doing

    2)i wanted to know more about acorn mast -

    3)i have seen dinefwr castle on video recently - my public library system provided me with 'no contact pickup service' for the dvd 'wild wales'

    Join host and wildlife expert Iolo Williams on a tour of the scenery and animals of Wales in this three-part series. Filmed over a year with aerial and wildlife photography, this program uncovers a vast array of beautiful habitats and a wealth of wildlife, providing viewers with an insight into a country with some of the natural world's most diverse landscapes.

    4)today is my hi-dose flu shot - the first time i've been inside the medical care building since february - i'll be okay, most likely

    1. follow-up

      1)i got 49 up votes, 4 down votes, for this comment at daily mail

      my guess is that not very many viewers had their minds changed by this event - god bless america, land that i love, stand beside her and guide her through the night with the light from above

      4)at the k_____ p________ medical center they scanned my forehead temperature at the entrance - after entering i tried to step on to the next elevator, and was admonished by a security guard not to the jump the line [which i had not been aware of] and respect the two person per elevator limit

      my arm is just a bit sore this morning but that's not surprising

      5)don't give up - i believe there's a place where we belong