Sunday, September 20, 2020

Umpteen Times the Tenth Part of a Featured World

  • My second thought at news of Ginzberg's death: bipartisan hypocrisy, and on my twitter timeline many outraged Liberal twaat lists of Republicans defending not merrickgarlanding seemingly unaware people on conservative twuuuter timelines no doubt posting lists of Democrats demanding Obama's constitutional right to nominate a Supreme Court Justice at anytime during his presidency
  • My third thought was 87? I'm having dinner Monday night with someone 88, you and SeatSix figure out the restaurant, we'll pick it up
  • My first thought was jesusfuck another hillarylitigationfest and obamapologists versus obamapostates debate 
  • (in my first in-person we both quickly decided to enjoy the hike instead)
  • My fourth thought: it's still eleven days to October, forty-five days until election day
  • My fifth thought is I was wearing barefoot shoes when my tires blew and I walked home, they are perfect for people like me who hate going barefoot and never go barefoot unless sleeping or showering (people can vouch) but don't always want to wear trail shoes, they are wonderful for house and office but suck slapping asphalt two miles uphill, fuck, my feet hurt
  • My sixth thought, I've yodeled for years Democrats need campaign on SCOTUS and DoJ, they didn't want to, will be fascinating to watch how they still won't enough
  • My seventh thought, enjoy is no longer the verb, as in when I said comfortably from my Sofa of Complicity, "I should be enjoying this more," but I should be enjoying this more
  • Eighth thought: Imagine taking a two week break from contact with the clusterfuck, imagine taking a break until November 4, if I had the opportunity, Earthgirl and me, someplace spectacularly gorgeous, electricity to read and cook and clean by but no clusterfuck content, would I? 
  • Ninth thought: I'll never know
  • Tenth thought: this weekend's forgotten band from my CD crates




Clark Coolidge

When you get in on a try you never learn it back
umpteen times the tenth part of a featured world
in black and in back it’s roses and fostered nail
bite rhyme sling slang, a song that teaches without
travail of the tale, the one you longing live
and singing burn
It’s insane to remain a trope, of a rinsing out
or a ringing whatever, it’s those bells that . . .
and other riskier small day and fain would be
of the soap a sky dares
                                               but we remand,
that we a clasp of the silence you and I, all of
tiny sphering rates back, I say to told wall, back
and back and leave my edge, and add an L
Night is so enclosed we’ll never turn its page
its eye, can be mine will be yours, to see all the people
the underneath livid reaching part and past of the lying buildings
the overreacher stops and starts, at in his head, in
in her rhythm
that knowledge is past all of us, so we flare and tap
and top it right up, constant engage and flap in on
keeping pace, our whelming rift, and soil and gleam
and give back the voice, like those eary dead
Step down off our whelm lessons and shortly fired
enter the bristle strum of Corrosion Kingdom
where the last comes by first ever ring, every
race through that tunnel of sun drop and pencil
in the margins of a flare, of higher wish than dare,
the stroked calmings of a line will spin and chime
in blue quicks of a dream blues, the chores
of those whispering gone crenulations
To meet a care is to dial redeem
and we limp in the time sound balms
so out of kilter is my name in the sun, and I win
in the moon and you sing in that other spelling of win
the way a blue is never singular


  1. nina totenberg of npr:

    Though a liberal, she and the court's conservative icon, Antonin Scalia, now deceased, were the closest of friends. Indeed, an opera called Scalia/Ginsburg is based on their legal disagreements, and their affection for each other.

  2. As Del Close used to say: Go with your third thought. And have at time.

    btw: You erased the woman erased from Bauhaus

    1. Fixed thanks, and thanks for latest photoshop at your place

      I'm working on one of seventeen word stanzas

  3. DeLillo: Ja; ditto. Call me Jimmy Krips. "She was Kripp's wife". They're the Krips.