Monday, October 19, 2020

Come October, It's the Lake Not the Border

  • October spectacular, we've stayed close to home to drive less hike more Earthgirl paint longer, October the best month here, nothing second
  • Yesterday Ten Mile Creek Trail (my compulsion to type Will Bayne in his green Dodge Dart runs down a cat)
  • our favorite trail in Moco, would be without my compulsion to type Will Bayne in his green Dodge Dart runs down a cat, just a wonderful windy narrow path through a variety of trees and plants and 1950s junked cars no, we haven't walked up to photo, not next Saturday because:

  • On a Saturday of two peak weeks for foliage in piedmont Maryland, Montgomery Parks plans to close a trail popular with mountain bikers and hikers, closing to mountain bikers and hikers so deer can be killed by fucks who enjoy killing animals
  • Set aside the fucks who enjoy killing animals, someone at Montgomery Parks *OKed* deer-hunting on a Saturday of two peak weeks for foliage in piedmont Maryland, one if good weather would be one of four busiest days in Moco woods in any calendar year, on a popular trail with steep ravines and blind curves, so fucks who enjoy killing animals can shoot at anything that moves in the woods
  • Risk Management OKed this?
  • Fuck the fucks who enjoy killing animals, I'll read how this is actual kindness to deer who suffer in large populations as natural habitat turns into motherfucking Outlet Clarksburg and how extra venison will be given to food banks, and fuck that, and fuck the fucks who enjoy killing deer, get off most if killed deer has antlers, happy enough to kill does and fawns
  • We hiked Rachel Carson on Saturday, it's six miles east of Ten Mile Creek Trail via Zion to Sundown to Brink to 355 to Old West Baltimore to Clarksburg Road, five to seven years between two to four of my plot lines
  • It had deer kill yellow signs up also too 
  • I didn't read them for all I know Montgomery Parks will endanger hikers also too there on a Saturday of either two peak weekends for foliage in piedmont Maryland
  • the neon plastic grid assignments to fucks who like to kill animals wrapped on trees and park stiles and sharpee labeled boundaries of the grids each fuck who enjoys killing deer is assigned, fine metaphors abound


[Come October, it's the lake not the border]

Lyn Hejinian

Come October, it’s the lake not the border
that has been redrawn. Thinking
about the event afterwards, I realize how remarkably well-prepared   
the girls are. There don’t seem to be any slouches
among them. Please tell them I say hello and that we’ll need 14   
for the green salad and 14 for the apple tarts between
with some rapid washing in clear water I remember as play
and planning in childhood, preparing until the very last moment   
for a gripping narrative that was itself perpetually given over
to improvisations and asymmetrical collaborations that could run
for days. That makes another 14. It was ”the word“ or “the world” in 1981   
when we undertook to talk about the phrase
“once in a while” once in a while
noting the vagueness then named “a while” and how “once” the phrase   
recurs and therefore means more than once
the “while” is defined. We too are in “a while”   
and when “once” next occurs, if the basic design suits
you, we will need a bit of modestly biographical contextualization   
for November. I’m going to put some thought to something
implausibly contemporary which perhaps isn’t wise
since between then and now no new coincidences have been noted   
just one large color photograph of bespangled cowgirls
herding heavy bulls up the avenue that opens this week carefully   
wearing baby blue boots to take out the garbage
but it never rained. At the end of the month, Halloween should be clear.


  1. His liver and kidneys did him in 25 years ago. Like Khan, cats rule in Hell.

    1. Was it only 25 years? I was thinking 30+.

      Last time I saw him he drank an entire fifth of Jack Daniels and inhaled three grams of blow (without offering me any - I could have bought but I was born without coke gene (literally, it never had effect on me, people wasted good money trying to prove me wrong) and smoked half a bag of my dope, then got his I'm considering killing you look in his eyes, the one that looked like the eyes of an epileptic just before a fit. You saw it a few times, I'm sure, but this time? I got up saying I had to piss, went to my car, never saw him again.