Thursday, October 15, 2020

More Than the Ear Can Hold

 Want to DJ one hour on WFMU?

What kinds of show ideas are we interested in?
-Underrepresented music on WFMU: new and old artists that haven't received the proper kind of attention on our airwaves yet
-Uncategorizable strangeness
-Spoken word collages
-Spontaneous radio improvisation
-Labored sound art pieces made just for your radio show
-Interviews with scientists, obscure radio personalities, your parents ...
-Found sound, field recordings, etc.

Me, no. Two, three, four, five years back I briefly talked with someone at WOWD in Takoma Park about possibly DJing a show, I don't want to DJ a show beyond the one at this shitty blog, but you? some of you?

This all started after reading Ira's interview on tone view (in which he discusses, among many things, his WFMU weekly show), which means today's playlist is songs by one of the bands on the innermost circle of rotating bands/musicians for the three not permanent chairs in My Stupidass Deserted Island Five Game



  • These efforts: These fuckers really not understand that Democrats are their allies, that Democrats are the Washington Generals?
  • Reminder: The wife of a Supreme Court justice "is one of the most powerful and fierce women in Washington," and "is really the tip of the spear in these efforts."
  • Reminder: Democrats suppressed the vote in Wisconsin to hurt Sanders
  • Reminder: a nominee to the Supreme Court's father was a top lawyer for an oil company whose case will be heard at the Supreme Court (and the Washington Generals did not ask her about it much less ask her if she will recuse herself)
  • Perry Anderson on Britain's, and ours, clusterfuck
  • Update: I made this tonight 
  • Deserted islands and radical needs
  • My Sillyass Deserted Island Five Game, the two permanent seats remain permanent though I don't want to listen to either until the requisite birthday posts feel horribly obligatory, the fuck is wrong with me



Frank O'Hara

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  1. speaking of radio, as o'hara's poem does, on one of the cable news talking head shows [joe and mika's] this morning ed luce of the financial times and anand giridharadas* formerly of the new york times and now of were talking about the sea of misinformation that the public swims in - ed was pointing out that facebook and similar mechanisms have made it much worse and anand pointed out that you don't need an internet connection to get brain poison all you need is a radio tuned to rush limbaugh

    *In 2018, Giridharadas published Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World in which he argues that members of the global elite, though sometimes engaged in philanthropy, use their wealth and influence to preserve systems that concentrate wealth at the top at the expense of societal progress. Writing for The New York Times, economist Joseph Stiglitz praised the book, writing that Giridharadas "writes on two levels — seemingly tactful and subtle — but ultimately he presents a devastating portrait of a whole class, one easier to satirize than to reform." -- from wikipedia