Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Of Course It Was a Disaster

  • I increased the font size on my laptop* (and dimmed the lights) because side effect number two of working from home, my eyes
  • I have not changed the seethings on this bleg though it occurs to me I change sentences to fit the square of blaager's current seethings which I now can't if I don't turn the current seethings into obsolete seethings and no, me dumb setting motherfucker, I call this clusterfuck not fake but the best fake farted, yes? anything that happens now nuke Tehran or lay siege to Grand Rapids I have been always was will always be not a wrong barometer
  • (*that won't turn off until it shuts itself off when I don't want it to then won't turn back on when I want it to)
  • Working, the bigger font, the dimmer light


Jack Gilbert

Of course it was a disaster.
That unbearable, dearest secret
has always been a disaster.
The danger when we try to leave.
Going over and over afterward
what we should have done
instead of what we did.
But for those short times
we seemed to be alive. Misled,
misused, lied to and cheated,
certainly. Still, for that
little while, we visited
our possible life.


  1. To counteract the effect of blue light (from computer screens) on declining eyesight, stare (eyes closed, even) at a red light. No, seriously. We been doing it.

    Oh, and you're welcome! ;-)

  2. 1)that's a good looking cat photo

    2)jack gilbert's poem speaks of "our possible life" - coincidentally, from a newswire press release

    What's Next for the COVID Pandemic - Detailed Scenarios by The Millennium Project With The American Red Cross

    Three richly detailed scenarios describe how the future of the Pandemic may evolve from today to 2022.

    ...The key insights drawn from these scenarios are:

    The worst is yet to come: the greatest health, financial, economic, and psychological impacts lie ahead.​
    The difference between the best and worst scenarios is gigantic; the outcome will be determined over the next few months by public actions including wearing masks, physical distancing, handwashing, and avoiding indoor crowds. ​
    Pinning all our hopes on a vaccine to end the COVID pandemic is unwise.
    However, a whole-of-nation strategy, responsible public behavior, strategic leadership, and international coordination can dramatically improve our situation.


    The three scenarios, plus an introduction, executive summary, conclusions, detailed lists of implications, readiness, and list of low probability events that could change the scenarios can be downloaded at: http://www.millennium-project.org/covid-19