Monday, November 23, 2020

Flies Beyond the Park and Far Beyond the Discords of the Wind

Jinxed: Dhalgren's turning into a M-W-F 8am lecture, jinxed: I'll never bump pOj on twooter again, jinxed: buy property, car breaks down, not jinxed: driving less hiking more, below, yesterday Beloved Seneca at Berryman Road big curve




Wallace Stevens

The soul, O ganders, flies beyond the parks
And far beyond the discords of the wind.
A bronze rain from the sun descending marks
The death of summer, which that time endures
Like one who scrawls a listless testament
Of golden quirks and Paphian caricatures,
Bequeathing your white feathers to the moon
And giving your bland motions to the air.
Behold, already on the long parades
The crows anoint the statues with their dirt.
And the soul, O ganders, being lonely, flies
Beyond your chilly chariots, to the skies.


  1. the only place i recall having seen the adjective you define and give the etymology of is in

  2. headline from the daily mail

    Trump is mocked on Twitter after footage of his 2018 turkey pardoning reemerges showing him joking that the bird had 'refused to concede and demanded a recount but had ultimately lost'

    my comment

    this is what jung called 'synchronicity' or meaningful coincidence - a foreshadowing of the future due to an inexplicable transdimensional connection across time - the emotional impact of trump's loss in 2020 sent vibrations through the collective unconscious and the resonance of the [turkey's] name 'carrots' helped focus this phenomenon